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Samples of The Magical Elven Love Letters by The Silver Elves

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Schools of Magic
April 22, 2011

Wouldn’t it be nice…
Dear kin,
… if there were actually schools of magic like Hogwarts in the world or Brakebills, the college for magical education in Lev Grossman’s wonderful novel The Magicians? Well, there are, of course, not always formal ones (though there are those as well) but if you look out of the corner of your eye in the same way one catches a glimpse of Faerie, or perhaps, in this case, if you look out of the corner of your mind you may just see that schools of magic abound. They are all around us, hidden within every other school and college that exists. And, naturally, there is that greatest school of magic of all, the one we call Life.

All of life comes from The Magic and thus, to the mind of the elfin, the magician, the witch, the sorcerer, the enchanter, et al, every experience in life is a lesson in magic. This, perhaps, can be most easily seen in that basic principle of cause and effect. For what is magic by the intentional and willful causing of an effect? Everything we do and all we encounter are lessons in how to obtain our will in the world, and for elfin magic particularly, but all magic really, this begins with mastering our own s’elves.

Yet, if we each look at our own lives and history we will find that all our schools, our elementary schools, our middle schools, high schools and colleges, all were secret schools of magic, however, they might have appeared on the surface. Take one of our number, Zardoa, for instance. When he was in elementary school, he went to a school very much like Hogwarts. He lived there, away from his parents and family, eight and a half months a year, coming home for Thanksgiving, Clausmys, Ostara egg week and summer. While there were no girls there, he did live in a dormitory, in a large old brick building out in the country. The school was run by witches, well, they called themselves Benedictine nuns but, they were witches and not unlike the Bene Gesserit of the Dune novels. They called it a military school, but upon reflection we think of it as a school for Warlocks. Our definition of warlock being different from the traditional one that has warlock meaning betrayer or traitor. To these elves, a warlock is especially trained for magical combat and more significantly to put a “lock” on war, to prevent dark spells from taking effect.

In our own case, we home-schooled our children in what we called, Elf School. A school that along with reading, writing, arithmetic and geography, taught spell casting, grammarye and various other types of magic. Our son, being of a heroic and adventurous disposition, also belonged to, and earned various badges in, Elf Scouts, and our daughter was an initiated witch by the time she was 5 yrs old.

Ultimately though, magical education is not dependent upon books or classrooms or other educational paraphernalia, but upon meeting those individuals who are truly magical. Their energy is contagious and while we can learn quite a bit by studying them, we tend to learn so much more, just by knowing them. There are those who think we elfin are touched, and it is true, we have been touched by magic and it was a true education.

The Silver Elves

Genuine Magic
January 31, 2011

Dear kin,
… is, of course, a dark spell, designed to suck one’s energy to the point where one feels powerless to create a counter spell, in fact, think it worthless to do so. And yet, how can one have a realistic and reasonable view of the world and its current conditions and tendencies and not feel depressed? When one realizes that the whole world is ruled by magic, one suddenly becomes aware that what is really being asked is how can one, when looking upon the wicked conjurations that are strangling this world, not succumb to the dark tentacles that draw one into them? And there, naturally, is the answer, for as soon as one fully cognizes that the condition of the world is due to wicked, clogged, stagnate, and misspelled magic, one comes to understand as well that the solution to this situation is clarity of one’s mind, purpose and magic.

Alas, if you tell someone who is bound up in a depression spell that positive thinking would go a long way to overcoming it, that a positive attitude is, at least in part, the solution to hir problem, SHe will merely stare at you as though you are crazily out of touch with reality, give you numerous excuses why this suggestion or that wouldn’t/couldn’t work for them or even, in some circumstances rage at you like a lunatic about how insane you are to think there is any means that will overcome hir difficulties. And, honestly, there is truth in that. The spell has it claws too deep into their soul and cannot be come at directly. Ultimately, it is their own inner magic that will pull them out of it, or failing that, they will have to wait for another lifetime to avail a fresh opportunity to do so. One can only in these cases maintain one’s own inner calm and not let the spells that have bound them, affect one’s own s’elf, sending to the individual a healing and unraveling spell that will, unfortunately, in most cases take a long time to unravel the darkness that entraps the individual and then only when that person is truly ready for it to do so.

The opposite of the Depressives are those individuals who attempt to use main force, the pure might of their will, to overcome those dark spells. They are often charismatic, or attempt to be, their smiles and good cheer, while powerful spells that fool many folk, seem false to elves, for we see through their feeble magics and know that when they encounter obstacles, those who don’t instantly admire them, or go along with them, a frustrated anger will come raging out, that was concealed beneath their supposed positive outlook all along. They, of course, dismiss the Depressives, out of hand, deeming them worthless to even be bothered with.

In truth, these elves, and nearly everyone else, much prefer these magicians and their false cheer to being with Depressives, for even if their magic doesn’t quite ring true as yet, at least they are trying. Although one must ever be careful of these who think that those that are not with them are against them, and they will very quickly seek to strike back at what they perceive of as the offense of not praising them sufficiently.

Which brings us back to the question, how can one live in this world filled with misery and madness (dark magics) and not be affected by it? And the answer is, one cannot, for we cannot affect what does not affect us. To change the magic of this world, we must take it within ours’elves without being overwhelmed by it, sort out its threads, and reweave them according to the vision that lives in every elf’s heart. We need be positive, optimistic, and good naturedly cheerful without being false and this we can only do when we have faith in our own magic and in the power of The Magic. Most of all, we need be genuine, for genuineness, above all things, finds response in the world and is one of most powerful of magics.

Keldas Zet Ton Na Tarsalunin Sol (Running wild on a moonlit night),
The Silver Elves


December 5, 2010

Most elves and otherkin in this modern world, or postmodern world if you wish to view it that way, feel overwhelmed and powerless. We are, quite a many of us, alone and separated. Most of us have neither wealth nor social status, fame nor worldly power. The mere fact that we admit being “other” relegates us to a category of society, best described as loony. That is, naturally, a dark magic spell used by traditional society to enact peer pressure to discourage anyone from straying too far from their accepted norms and mores. We are dealt with in the same way that TV shows and movies deal with people who suddenly converge on any place where they think UFO’s have been sighted, portraying them for the most part as irrational wackos.

Because we are elves, we naturally both recognize and ignore such dark and limiting spells. And it is our strength to do so, to refuse to submit to the peer pressure of the society around us that in many ways most defines us as elves and other. We frankly don’t care what they think, we don’t care what they think of us, and we are somewhat in doubt whether most of them actually think for themselves at all. For some of the most common sayings for raising children in their societies, is “children should be seen and not heard,” and “shut up, don’t argue, and do what you’re told”, and their command of the power of reason goes no further than, “because I told you so”.

However, though we ignore such bullying, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take its toll on us. We miss Elfin desperately. We miss our loving kin and we miss a world where people are rational, reasonable and kind. We live in this world, seemingly powerless to do much about the various problems that confront it, from Global Climate Change, to Poverty, potential mass epidemics and a chance that in the not too distant future these gun toting, hate filled, screaming morons who shout down anyone who tries to reason with them and are so eager to bring the apocalypse, might just get what they want.

You might think that if there really were a loving God in the Universe SHe might give power to we elfin instead of those, who while paying Hir lip service really worship those dark and wicked “gods” to whom they offer blood sacrifice on a daily basis and who proclaim that sex, other than for procreation, is evil and pornographic.

But this is the material world …
Dear kindreth,
… that most dark of places; their natural habitation and it is truly we who are the visitors here, we who have come to transform it, not with force and violence, but with magic. For that is the truth of it. We have no powers in this world but these, really, the powers of magic. The powers of love, intelligence, creativity, reason, kindness, enchantment and all the other powers of magic, which are our inheritance and birthright. Would you really have it any other way?

Though it seems otherwise, we are not at all powerless in this world. We possess that greatest power of all … the miraculous. Use your magic, beloved. Be your magic and you will see that amidst the darkness a new light is rising.

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),
The Silver Elves

You Don’t Have to Be an Elf, To Be an Elf
August 27, 2010

We elves are incredibly loyal individuals…
Beloved elfkind,
… and this virtue of loyalty is very important to us. We are utterly trustworthy and we expect in turn that our others, friends, lovers, companions and kindred will be equally trustworthy. We have a saying, “You don’t have to be an elf to be an elf; but you must be a true elf to be a truly an elf”.

This seemingly paradoxical statement begins to make sense when you realize that in our Elfin languages the word for elf and the one for friend or even lover are sometimes used interchangeably. Thus this statement may be translated: You don’t have to be an elf to be a friend to the elves, but you have to be a true friend to your others if you are to consider yours’elf truly an elf.

Alas, once someone betrays our trust, it is hard to regain it. This is not to say that we won’t forgive the individual. We are, in fact, a very forgiving folk and generally have a compassionate understanding of the psychological complexes and compulsions that drive individuals to betray those to whom they should be faithful. But it is unlikely that we would ever trust them again, and while they would probably never notice the difference in our treatment of them, we would be ever aware that we are dealing with a “dog that bites”.

Some might think that this refers to our romantic and sexual relationships, that if you cheat on us, we will feel betrayed, but that is only true within the boundaries of each relationship. Elves are, in general, very liberal about sexuality and our “marriages” come in a variety of forms. Loyalty within them depends upon the agreements among those involved. Since many elves are polyamorous by nature “cheating” as it is defined in normal society often does not exist as an idea among us. Again, it all depends upon the elves involved and the commitments they have made to each other.

To us, loyalty in terms of friendship is more important than sexual fidelity. Lovers may come and go (particularly when we are young) but a friend should be a friend forever. If you lose the friendship of an elf, you’ve lost nearly everything, for luck will part from you, and grace. And while one may pray to dark gods for help in those dire straits, the heavens know that those fickle beings cannot be depended upon.

It is not that we will enact our revenge upon you, well, the Unseelie might, but we of the “Seelie who Court” will do nothing more than withdraw our trust and that is like losing the best friends one ever had. What could be worse than that? And it is not that we don’t wish them well, for we do, knowing that eventually all magic returns to its sender. It’s just that we know that going forth into the world they will attract others just as disloyal as they, for where can one ever find friends as true and loyal as the elves.

The Silver Elves


Elven Charisma
July 31, 2010

It is not…
Dearest Kindlings,
… that there are not charismatic elves among us. In fact, nearly all elves can be noted as having a certain charm or charisma. It is part of our nature, even if, it is true, we have learned to hide this power in order to move unseen among mankind and others. Nor is it that we lack leaders. There are many elves with leadership ability, although, the word leader does not translate quite the same in elven. In Elvish languages, leader is more akin to Initiator, that is one who gets things going, rather than one who is in charge or who organizes things.

No, what we seem to lack is the capacity that so many seem to have to be “ditto heads”, smiling, grinning monkeys who mimic and parrot whatever their leader tells them. We are somehow by nature constitutionally unfit to be followers. We tend to think for ours’elves and we always, albeit politely usually, question authority. It is not that we cannot cooperate. In fact, if truth be told and we have sworn to do so, we are better at cooperating voluntarily than nearly any other peoples, it is just that we are, in our way, each leaders/initiators, and when we combine our powers we do it not because we do not know how to function on our own, but because we delight in creating greater things together.

On the other hand, we elves tend to be learners more than teachers. Even when we “teach” we are learning and so the somewhat strict hierarchy that exists among some folks between students and instructors, is not found among us. In the elfin mind, we are all learning together, always… in all ways. We are lifelong students, lifetime after lifetime; and one of the things these elves have learned is to embrace learning; learning all we can, whenever we can.

There are some folks who think these elves wise, or least that’s what they have told us, and we admit that we continually aspire toward wisdom. And if indeed we do have some wisdom, perhaps our greatest wisdom is to not hide our ignorance and our tendency, when confronted with those who know more, or better, or clearer then we, to accept their greater knowledge eagerly. There is an old elven saying (that we just made up) that goes: There’s no shame in ignorance, only in refusing to learn.

This is not to say that we change our opinions simply because someone, even a very impressive or charismatic someone, disagrees with us. However, we do give genuine consideration to any and all opposing views and if we find that these alternate or opposing views are valid in whole or part, we quite easily transform our own views to incorporate this new and greater understanding. In that way, we continually learn and make all things worthy our own.

Some folks think we are “full of it”, and they may be right. But what is this “it” we are full of? Is it worthless refuse that should be discarded? Or fertilizer that one can use to enrich hir own life and learning? Each must decide for hir own s’elf, for we are elves, and that’s what we do.

Ver Aleli Vasadas (In dreams awakening),
The Silver Elves

Elven Organization
June 24, 2010

It is important to understand…
Dear Elfin Kin,
… that nothing we say in these letters is absolute. The absolute Truth is The Magic, which is to say Infinite Potentiality. Everything is possible and we do not mean to limit ours’elves or you with the words we cast here, but rather simply to share our observations of our dear elfin as we experience and encounter them in this time.

That being said, there seems to be something incongruous about the idea of organized elves. In fact the term Elven Organization is nearly an oxymoron. It is not so much that we are incapable of organizing anything, although for these elves that is pretty close to the truth, but that, organizing elves is like “herding cats”. Although we call it: “organizing elves”.

This is in part why our great gatherings tend to be spontaneous. Certainly there are small gatherings that have been organized that occur now and again, but the great gatherings of elves seem to occur as if by chance when our artistic, creative natures draw groups of us together in a particular time and place. That these gatherings seldom last beyond a few years, sometimes as much as a decade is simply to say that we elves are as elusive as the wind and as ephemeral as starlight.

We also tend, when we gather, to attract all sorts of others at the same time. Not just elves, but faeries, pixies, dwarves, brownies, gnomes and all manner of others, light and dark elfin and then eventually the greedies sensing money making opportunities come and others yet, until there are so many of them that we elves eventually drift away, disappearing as we appeared, unexpectedly and unplanned.

Despite this seemingly natural resistance to being organized (And please understand that we are not necessarily consciously opposed to being organized. In fact, we often wish we had a manager to interface between the world and us. We could really use one.), we elves have a curious affinity and sensitivity to each other that makes us rather like a flock of birds in flight or a herd of deer who mysteriously turn and change direction simultaneously.

So it is that the inner and near constant hunger for union and companionship that most elves feel, draws us toward each other, yet, for some mysterious reason, most of our attempts at organizing gatherings and communities succeed in but small gains. But this, dear kin, is merely to say that the Time of the Great Faerie Circle has not yet arrived. When that Time nears our Attractors/Enchanters/ Organizers will emerge from among us, and draw us together just as water tends to run to the sea. We will all hear, or really sense their call, and instinctively respond.

Until then, trust your desire for union, keep your eyes bright and eager, your heart tender and kind, and your mind open and free. And when that need gets strong enough, The Magic will take note and will guide you to your Intended or they to you. When that meeting comes you will remember how lucky you are to be an elf and how Magic does truly rule the Universe

The Silver Elves


May 26, 2010

One might think…
Beloved Elfin,
… and many do, that the greatest problem in manifesting Elfin in the world is dealing with the various peoples who inhabit it. Those who read Tolkien might be led to believe that we have an ongoing feud with the Dwarves and that they would be a problem for us. But, if that was ever the case, it has long since passed for most. In Norse mythology the dwarves are referred to as Dokkalfar or dark elfin (which is not to say that all dark elves are dwarves), but they have also been referred to as the Dwarrow Elves or Barrow Elves (a name that also refers to Hobbits, Gnomes, etc.), which shows that the dwarves are actually our ancient cousins and these elves, at least, have always gotten along very well with the dwarves we have known (but then we do strive to get along with everyone.

Some might think that the Greedies are a problem for us, but in truth, while they do create terrible problems in the world at times, these difficulties effect everyone, not simply the elves and truly, the Greedies look at everyone as though SHe were a bank account, and don’t care what anyone calls hirs’elf, or what hir religion, race, etc. might be, as long as the individual has money to spend. Otherwise, the person might as well be dead as far as the Greedies are concerned, which is why when they lose their own wealth they often commit suicide. “Better dead than poor”, is a Greedie motto.

The Grimlean, of course, hate everyone who is different from them, who follows a different religion or different political party, is of a different race or nationality. But they particularly hate other tribes of Grims who don’t share their views, so while they hate the elves in the general course of things, they don’t particularly notice us. Still, they keep the world filled with terrorists of various stripes and extremist nut jobs of various persuasions, and that is not a good thing.

On the other hand, the Violynts will prey on anyone they think weaker than them and they particular despise anyone that they think thinks they are better than them (did you follow that?). The easiest way of dealing with the Violynts is to avoid them whenever possible, never reveal weakness to them and always treat them with respect (they are desperate for respect). Of course, it is the policy of these elves to treat everyone with respect no matter who they might be.

The normal folk, of course, often scorn us or think us crazy, but then we are not so very sure they are not insane, they nearly always are neurotic and while their treatment of us is irritating to some elves, its really an inconvenience and nothing more.
No, dear kin, the people who are the greatest obstacle to us manifesting Elfin on the Earth, if we are to be honest with ours’elves and be magicians that we are, are ours’elves. We could this very day, this very hour, set ours’elves to creating Elfin on Earth, but, alas, we are not mature enough, not magically developed enough, to do so. We still suffer, most of us, from being raised among normal folk, which has made us unwilling to yield, for the most part, for mutual benefit. We are still unable to give up our tendency to argue about nearly everything, our urge to be in charge, and our desires to go this way, that way and the other way, all at the same time. We are still uncertain about who we truly are and cling to our false ideas of s’elf as though they would save us.

Of course, if we had a charismatic leader, we would yield all that, give up our egos and at last apply ours’elves to a life of service and frasority (brotherhood/sisterhood). Or would we? The truth is charismatic leaders hate us. We are not followers and this fact is always, even if unspoken, a challenge to their authority. Naturally, their slavering minions despise us even more, for we challenge without a word the truth of their devotion. And yet, without such leaders, how will we ever come together in a lasting and enduring way? Normals can’t even imagine the possibility. That’s why they always write about us as having Kings and Queens. They can’t quite conceive the cooperative anarchy that rules a true elven tribe/clan/family, etc.
Do not despair, dear ones. The truth is that our time has not yet come. There have been great gatherings of us in the past, and there will be again. It need not be forced. In fact, cannot really be forced at all produce all we wish to come true. We are like puzzle pieces, each of us unique. We fit together in precise ways, each with their own place. To force a piece in the wrong place is to distort the picture we are trying to create.

It is true that there are some Master pieces, which like Wild Cards, can fit together with nearly any other piece. And yes, these elves are Master pieces, and perhaps in time, all elves will be masterpieces, fitting together easily, anywhere and creating something truly wondrous called Elfin.

But in the meantime, worry not, direct your magic to becoming the unique and special elf you know yours’elf to be. That is your right, your responsibility, and your destiny. In the gentle time, have faith. Time and The Magic, will take care of the rest. For when you truly become yours’elf, you will find that automatically, magically, you have become a Masterpiece.

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn),
The Silver Elves

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