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Elven Realities
November 28, 2009

We elves are often told…
Beloved Kindeth,
… that we are not in touch with Reality. By which is meant that the current view of the masses is that elves, do not, could not, and have never existed. They believe that elves are a product of fantasy and not reality and our belief that we are elves therefore means we are not in touch with that/their view of reality.

But to we elfin, Reality is The Magic, that undifferentiated potentiality from which all things are born and all other “realities” such as the consensual reality that compose the current cultural views in the world are, in a sense, illusions. Although, really we’d call them “magics”, that is little spells cast upon the world that bind the minds and hearts of the normal folk and lead them to believe that this is true and that not, rather than that this is true for now and all else is possible in the future here or elsewhere at this time, as we elfin believe.

We elves also have and are creating a consensual reality. We might call it an Elven Reality. In which we are elves and Elfin, Faerie, Elfland, Elsewhere, Otherwhen, etc. does indeed exist, primarily though our own manifestation. That is to say, our being elves, that is, living our lives as elves, makes elves real, and in so much as we create our own Ealds/Demesne/ Domains/ etc., our own culture, then Elfin is real as well. Made real by our acts, which is to say magic. For this is indeed another spell, or really series of interconnected spells that make our realms just as real, if not at this time as powerful, as the ones the mass of humanity share and consider true.

Of course, they think it is a popularity contest. That is since the majority of folks don’t believe elves exist that therefore we shouldn’t be permitted to think differently or by doing so we have shown ours’elves to be … you got it … crazy, which means out of touch with reality. The Greedies, the Grimlean and the Violynts are particularly adamant about this. The Greedies because they are afraid it might endanger their profits, the Grim because they are so sure they have the one true Truth and are afraid of anyone who holds another view, and the Violynts because, well because they’re just plain afraid, and afraid to reveal they’re afraid.

Of course, we get the scientific argument as well, but we have yet to encounter a true scientist (that is to say an open minded individual), who, after having spoken to us on the subject, hasn’t yielded to the power of our logic (not to mention the spell we cast upon them). Our culture is just as valid as Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist, Islamic, Judeo-Hebraic cultures, just as real as American, French, Germanic, Korean, Chinese cultures. Our culture is no more fantasy than theirs (okay, maybe we do have a lot more fantasy in our culture, but, to we elfin, that is a good thing) and no more made up than theirs, or just as made up/ created as theirs. For all cultures, all religions are spells. The only difference between our spells and theirs is that we are very aware that we are casting spells (after all, if legend is true, we are the original spellers) and they like to pretend they’re not (because magic doesn’t exist, etc, etc.), and their reality is the “true reality”.

But this is what we know is true: Everything is possible. Doing is Being and we are being elves, here and now, and that, is Reality.

The Silver Elves

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