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Missing Them
September 15, 2009

There is no question…
Dear kin,
… that we miss them. Just a few years back when the Lord of the Rings movies were in the theaters, we were getting nearly 100,000 hits a month on our website, dozens of requests for elf names, and it seemed that elves were awakening everywhere. We knew at the time that this was an illusion, but it was a very pleasant illusion, and one we were somewhat sad to see end.

At that time, there were also those who took their new found understanding of their elfin nature so seriously (this is some form of oxymoron, isn’t it?), that they called others who were less serious about their elfinness “posers” and looked down upon them with self satisfaction. As we wrote at the time, “posers” to elfinness have never bothered us, for they are but aspirants as far as these elves are concerned. And as we predicted, it is not only the posers who have now moved on to other interests but also those who scorned them so readily.

And yet we miss them, dear kin, both the posers, and the serious ones who doubted their elfinness so profoundly that they could only exteriorize that doubt onto others, never admitting to, nor examining their own reservations. For while they had uncertainties about their true nature, we have never doubted them a bit. They were drawn to Elfin/Faerie due to the elfin that lives within them, and though they now wander elsewhere, many entangled by the dark magics of fear and uncertainty that traps them into the illusion of the world, that bit of elfin lives within them still, and someday, or more likely night, in this or some future lifetime, they will inevitably find their way back to us again.

In the meantime, those ancients among us, who having awakened, never forget our elfin nature, continue on, invisible for the most part, radiating our magic through the world, leaving trails of energy as clues for our kindred to find. For Elfin is not just, or even primarily, a place to us, nor is it simply a culture, it is truly a family and without our dear beloved kindred, Elfin would be a very lonely place, and a lonely place is the very opposite of Elfin.

Thus, we are ever seeking our own through time, awakening kindred and leaving hints along the path to that magical place where you are beloved, and part of the family, where your kindred are ever awaiting you, where you are always welcome and we are always awaiting your return. That magical place we call, among other things, Elfland.

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),
The Silver Elves



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