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General Theory of Relativity
May 3, 2009

Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity….
Beloved Kindred,
… does much to explain many of the notions put forth about elves and Elfin in Faerie Tales. The idea, for instance, that time runs at a different speed in Faerie is not merely a product of fantasy but accords with both the General Theory of Relativity and the practical experiments that have been conducted to test its hypotheses. Stephen Hawking tells us that experiments, with extremely accurate clocks, have demonstrated that a second passing at sea level goes slower than one on a mountain top and it is theorized that a person moving near the speed of light would age much more slowly than those who had remained on Earth. If Elfin exists, as we’ve often said it does, in a parallel dimension that functions closer to the speed of light, since it is the Twilight realm or the realm of Radiance, that would explain both why we age less quickly than normal folk and why time runs differently in Elfin.

Our magics are both a science and an art and are not due to supernatural phenomena, but a result of our close relationship, understanding and association with Nature. So too, in time it will be found that we ours’elves are not creatures of fantasy, although, like all of creation we were born of magic, but a natural development of the Laws of the Universe unfolding though Space/Time. It is true that we define Space and Time differently than the Physicists, but that is more a matter of semantics than any real difference in our view of the world.
Just as history confirms the facts of our ancestry in recorded time, and Theosophy explains our lineage prior to Earth existence, so does modern physics make sense of many of the mysterious phenomena that has always, according to legend and myth, surrounded our being and appearance. What most folks have always considered mere fantasy has ever been our reality and the fact that it is a vaster reality than they have conceived is probably due more to our cosmic age than any real difference between us. We are the Elder Race, and we’ve simply had long ages more to develop and understand, learn and grow than they have as yet had.

This is why we look upon the vast mass of humanity not as a rival species with whom we must vie to achieve dominance upon the Earth but as younger brothers and sisters that we must nurture, guide and care for as best we may and the fact that we are often appalled by their folly and obstinacy, their obliviousness to the feelings and lives of others, and their seeming determination to destroy themselves and everyone about them, is really only natural. They are young cosmically/spiritually speaking, dear kindred, compared to us very, very young and prone to all the follies of youth.

Of course, we are young as well, but in a different way. Ours is the youth born of accumulated experience and, dare we say it, wisdom, while theirs is a youth that yearns to be old and wise and rushes toward everything, including their doom. While we have learned to take our Time. We are no great hurry and have learned great patience, and because of that time moves more slowly for the elfin and we age less quickly and while we have not as yet, as least some of us have not, totally mastered the material realm, there is Eternity to do so.

Eli-Feln-Le (We love you),
The Silver Elves


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