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Adapting the Magic
March 5. 2010

When we were among our sisters, The Elf Queen’s Daughters…
Dear kin,
… it was often said that the difference between an elf and most other folks was the ability of the elven to adapt to various and changing situations and circumstances. While most folks are ever determined to remain the same, stubbornly stating that “that’s just the way I am” and expecting everyone to change and adapt to them, while constantly endeavoring to dominate circumstances by forcing their will upon those situations, we elves, being magicians, assume responsibility as much as possible and alter situations and people by transforming that one element that we do have control over, which is ours’elves. For it is only by accepting responsibility in a situation, whether one caused it or not, that one has any chance of changing it, and we elves are very much about change.

There are so many folks that are afraid of change, and we can surely understand that. They also will not change unless desperate and forced by circumstances to do so (which is greatly why they are always afraid of it since it always comes in their minds at the worst time). Yet, we elves know that change is inevitable and we strive to get ahead of it by changing ours’elves before we are compelled to do so. In that way we have the best chance of shaping situations in their inception, which in our experience is much easier than struggling to alter them after they have been set in place.

We are not claiming that all change is good or all change is favorable to us, which it clearly is not, however, we do believe in “going with the flow” that is adapting ours’elves to situations that are beyond our power to control. We do not seek so much to change the course of the river as to avoid the rocks and other dangers that exist within it. And while we often have to swim against the current, we do this not out of obstinacy, but necessity, when duty, destiny or justice demands it.

But it is not just in our dealings with the outer world, the world of the normal folk, of men and womyn, the greedies, the grimlean and the violynts that prompts our adaptability. Adaptability is the key to elves living together. It is a willingness to change for mutual benefit and satisfaction that makes our relationships, our families, our clans and our tribes, so successful. Without adaptability, we would be just another group of dysfunctional people in dysfunctional relationships.

It is not simply the elves who are adaptable though. Elfin its’elf is incredibly adaptable, altering its’elf easily to fulfill the various dreams and visions of all who seek Hir. And ultimately it is The Magic its’elf that is the source of adaptability, for The Magic, being pure potentiality, adapts its’elf to become anything and everything. Thus in being adaptable, we elves are becoming attuned to the Truth of the Universe and in that way finding our true place within it.

Keldas Zet Ton Na Tarsalunin Sol (Running wild on a moonlit night),
The Silver Elves

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