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Black Holes
April 10, 2010

We call them Black Holes…
Dear kindred,
… they are petty sorcerers and low level energy vampires and nearly everyone knows one. They are the type of people who go to a therapist in order, not to be healed but, to prove that the therapist is incapable of healing them and they feel satisfied (if one can use that word with them) when the therapist gives up in frustration or sends them on to someone else, who will also be unable to help them.

They will come to you for advice about various problems or diseases they have, and believe us they always have a number, and they will talk about them incessantly, and once your advice fails, and it will, they will then blame you for having failed them and soon you will be on their long, nearly infinite list of those who throughout their lives have done them wrong. They prey upon the kind and the compassionate, although they also like to bring down authorities of various sorts, proving that they are not so great, knowledgeable, or powerful as they thought.

Camouflaged among those who are truly in need and genuinely wish help and will do their upmost when assisted, they are often hard to recognize, although, these elves have developed a facility for doing so, using our elf sight to see their true natures. You can currently see examples of these folks all over America at town hall meetings puling at the top of their lungs that they “want their America back”. They are also adept at mimicking people who suffer from fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr however you will constantly hear them complaining that “my needs are just not being met”.

Behavioral Psychology advises us to ignore these individuals; to give them no energy whatsoever. For to try to help them at all is to “enable” them, and they will very shortly be trying to stick their teeth in your soul. Alas, for those in public service, ignoring them is not always an option. These elves, because of our particular level of initiation, have an obligation to periodically offer assistance to such as these in case that the rare moment has come in their evolution when they are ready to give up their low magics and move on to higher magics, but, naturally, this seldom happens, And, in fact, will only happen once for each of them, that pivotal decision transforming the course of their lifetimes.

Naturally, we never invest any of our personal energy in these opportunities we offer them. They are like people to whom you lend money, or like money gambled, you should not expect to get it back and you should not offer it if its loss will harm you. There are those who will protest that we are too harsh in describing these individuals and will tell us that everyone deserves compassion. And in a basic fashion, we agree with them. We just recommend great caution and reserve in dealing with these Black Holes, for those who think that a little help and kindness will transform them are their natural prey and we can only wish these kind and gentle kin of ours “good luck”.

Better yet is to proceed on one’s own Elven Way, improving ones’elf in everyway possible, becoming the best elf that one can be, and becoming ever more one’s own true s’elf, thus setting an example of success for others to follow. It is true we elves are a long way from our destination, but we are on the Way, and that is what truly matters.

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),
The Silver Elves

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