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Our Faeries Gather
September 1, 2009

These elves…
Blessed kindred,
… have between 400 and 500 Teraphim and Lares, that abide within and about our Eald. Over two hundred of these are certainly faeries of various kinds, but we also have pixies, elves, brownies, leprechauns, gnomes, menehunes, gargoyles and even a hobbit. All of which, have and do faithfully serve us, and our magics.

A little while back, we asked them to fulfill a particular magic working for us and we promised if they accomplished it. we would host a Faerie Party for all of them. Actually, we confess, these elves are softies and we really told them that if they did the magic, whether it turned out as we wanted it or not, we’d throw them a party because we trust them and know that while they may not always succeed, they always do their best to do so.

In the gentletime, Silver Flame set up a faerie circle just inside the floor to ceiling glass window to our lanai (porch) and drew two cards from our Healing with Fairies Deck, to represent the event organizers. The cards she got were the Sexuality (of course) and Follow Your Dreams faeries. She also wrote to several of our faerie sisters, who decided they would hold faerie gatherings at the same time. So Mechekoryn and Aiea in Northern California and Gal (pronounced Gail) Avyryl in Georgia each set up a circle of their own. Mechekoryn sent us some faerie lights (Christmas tree lights with transparent purple leaves around them) to go with our circle, and Silver Flame sent her a photo of our sister Gal Avyryl and sent Gal one of the leafs from the faerie lights.

As it happened, it took the faeries and other spirits only about three weeks to accomplish the magic we had asked of them, a magic we had done, not for ours’elves, but for one of our kindred. So the date was set and it was agreed upon by the various sisters hosting the gatherings that they would hold them for three consecutive nights. Each night these elves opened all the cabinet doors within which several hundred of our teraphim reside, set out a pool for them to bath in, turned on the faerie lights, and set out some wine. Gal Arvyryl put lights in her window and set out elixirs and chocolate. In the morning, after they had gone to bed, we would turn out the lights and close the cupboard doors.

On the first night, just as we were going to sleep, we heard a small bell tinkling. We expect that was to initiate the event. On the third and final night, in the middle of the night, Zardoa was awakened from a deep sleep and asked to compose a poem for the event. He stumbled groggily from our bed, went into the living room, lay on the floor and scribbled out the following:

Are you a faerie?
I know me some
Gathering at dusk
After deeds have been done.

Beautiful faces,
Charming and sweet
Kind in a way
That one seldom meets.

Their eyes all a twinkle
They give me a wink
I blush at the thoughts
They cause me to think.

I know some faeries
Playful and fun
It got me to wondering
If you might be one?

Afterwards, he lay the completed work outside their circle and went back to bed and sleep.

So what is the point of this? The point is, dearest, that unlike some magicians who try to compel demons to fulfill their commands, we elves are served by willing spirits and while they do this out of the kindness of their hearts and their love for us as kindred, it is still good to remember that they need energy, too, have wishes and desires of their own, have their own destiny and fates (the word fairy often been said to be derived from the Latin word fata or fate), and deserve what rewards we can give them. Thanks is always appreciated, but parties and celebrations seldom go amiss. Remember your household spirits, dear kin, and they in their turn shall not forget you.

The Silver Elves



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