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The Magic
October 3, 2009

What most folks call god….
Beloved elfin,
… these elves refer to as The Magic. It is not however, as most people conceive of it, a force exterior to Creation but rather an imminent potentiality within all things. Its nature is miraculous and its essence is Sentient Consciousness, and it is conceived of (as near as we can come to think of it) as almost infinite possibility. It is s’elf created and s’elf existing and is thus thought of as pure energy or Being. This is so because its opposite Non-Existence or Non-Being by its very nature does not and cannot exist, therefore The Magic as Possibility springs into existence spontaneously, since there is Nothing to prevent it from doing so.

However, since not all things can exist at the same time in the same place, this gives rise to the ideas (and thus existence) of time (sequential development) as well as of space or parallel dimensions or worlds. Thus everything possible is actual in its own dimension, and you can always get to there from here, although sometimes one must pass through numerous dimensions to do so.

Thus while some of us know of, and have experienced the Reality of Elfin, there are others just a few dimensions over for whom the mere idea seems ridiculous. For the possibility of our non-existence creates that reality in some dimensions and times. And, since in most cases one must be able to conceive of the various dimensions to pass from one to another (except under certain exceptional conditions) the possibility that any of those who don’t believe in our being would ever encounter Faerie or recognize our kind, even if they encountered us, is quite low, even near to impossible (although, of course, there is really nothing possible that is not).

The technique of The Magic is love and its goal is perfection. At the same time, it is equally true to say that its technique is perfection and its goal is love. This means that we, as individuals, that is to say elves, are only limited by our own natures. There is nothing… in an ultimate sense, which we cannot learn or do. The Magic is, so to speak, like molding clay that can be shaped into any form we conceive, and is only limited by our current ability to do so.

These elves do not pray to The Magic, as most folks pray to their favorite god form, but have no problem with them doing so, as we see this as merely another mode of invocation/evocation. Rather, we seek to channel The Magic though our own beings and thus transform our particular dimension. The means we use to do this is the perfection of our own s’elves and, in as much as possible, treating all beings with courtesy and love. By thus imitating the nature of The Magic, we become magic and all things become possible for us. Which is not to say that we are great and powerful magicians, for these elves are, in truth, very far from being perfect, but as we continue to perfect ours’elves and become more loving, our magic becomes ever stronger and we grow ever closer to Elfin.

This is a particularly elfin sort of magic and it is true that it is not necessary to perfect ones’elf in order to evoke the magic nor does one need use it with love. However, as the movies and books are fond of pointing out to us, and in this instance, unlike so many others, they are correct, such negative magics seldom turn out well. For all magic ultimately returns to its sender and when it returns with love and intelligence, we cannot help but gain by it.

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn),
The Silver Elves

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