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Faeries of Dreamdark
June 16, 2009

While Physics does much to explain what often seems the more fanciful aspect of our elfin being…
Beloved Kindreth,
… it is nearly always art and music that calls to our elfin souls, awakening us and reminding us of our magical nature and Elven heritage. It is true that not all books about elves and faerie folk speak to us in this way, any more than all music does so. Some, quite clearly, are written or created by those who have yet to awaken the slightest iota of their elfin being — if indeed there is any in them — which, after all, is not for us to say but, as ever, is a decision they must make about their own nature. And some, while truly speaking of faerie, none the less are written so ponderously that one cannot help but imagine glyphs of healing to help free their souls. Some we cannot even finish. Some we dredge ours’elves through for those precious moments of inspiration that they can provide. Some are quite good, yet, still lack a certain something and then, sometimes, unfortunately rarely as yet, but sometimes, we come across a work that is truly magical and such is Laini Taylor’s Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer.

To say that it is charming and magical, is true, but doesn’t quite do the book justice. Rather, let us say that unlike some books that we like but rush through to the end, this was one of those books we read slowly so we could savor it, hoping in our way that it would last, not quite wanting it to end.

The faeries here are not Tolkien sized, as say these elves are, and as many of Charles De Lint’s work portrays us. Yet, though they are of the more Victorian diminutive variety, there is magic here and spirit and an affection among the main characters that rings true to our hearts and makes us long for you Beloved, each and every one of you.

You might think at this point that this is a book review, but, Beloved, that is not the case. We simply wished to share with you the joy and pleasure we experienced when reading this book. We are well aware, however, that taste is a very individual experience, and for we elves, being perhaps the most unique of individuals, this is particularly true. There are best selling authors whose works we find tedious while others, obviously adore them, and at the same time some of the great works of literature would surely be dreadfully boring to the vast mass of humanity. It is rather like beauty and romance, we are not all, fortunately, attracted to the same person. We elves understand this perhaps better than anyone.

The problem with such books as this one, unfortunately, is that when we are done we hunger for more, rather like your kisses beloved, whose sweet caress still lingers on our lips even now after all these lifetimes.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves



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