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Silver Speech Salutations

This a list of our most used Elven Magical Love Letters’ salutations in Arvyndase [Silver Speech]. While we encourage you to use these in your own personal correspondences, dear kin, we reserve all copyrights for the Arvyndase language.

Our favorite Silver Speech salutation and signature:

Kyela (Love),
Tae Arvyn Eldali (pronounced tay -- air - vin -- L - dah – lie, The Silver Elves)

Our Other favorite Silver Speech salutations:

Ver Aleli Vasadas (In dreams awakening),

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),

Eli Feln Le (We love you),

Fost Tae Lodver (Touch the truth),

Hena Melli, Alta faln (Many Stars, One Sky)
Èldata (L - day - tah) Elsordasli (eel - sore – dace-li)
Elven Blessings!

Sond le! (thank you)

Me tae Lun u tae M_lli Verat te ver le’na Born!
(May the Light of the Stars Always Be in Your Heart!)

Ejar Daenlea
(E-jayr) (Day-een-lee-ah)
Happy Birthday!

Alosdasli !

Keldas Zet Ton Na Tarsalunin Sol (Running wild on
a moonlit night),

Fardas Lovur Tae Lan (Dancing toward the dawn)


The Silver Elves


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