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Want An Elf Name Gifted by The Silver Elves?

We have been gifting elf names for decades, now over 6,000 names,
in our beautiful magical elven language, Arvyndase!

Zardoa of the Silver Elves

Would you like an elf name? We do not charge for this service. We would be happy to give you one but we need to first find out a little about who you are and what your interests are. By learning more about you, we can select an elven name for you that fits you spiritually and magically. Please email us ( with your request and put "request for elf name" in the subject line. Here are a few suggestions of questions you might answer to tell us about yourself and help us pick a name that is just right for you:

1. Do you have an elfin name already or otherkin name? If so what is it?

2. How did you come to awaken/realize that you were "other" and what is your brief history of your "elfin" life in this lifetime?What sort of elf are you? If you don't know, what do you feel? (If you don't write at least a paragraph on this we may not know enough to give you a name!)

3. Do you have a preference for a masculine or feminine name?

Once we recieve your email, we will email you back (usually within a month) and give you your new elf name, pronounciation, and magical meaning of the name.

Also, while you don't have to tell us, we'd love to know what city, state, country you are writing from. This is strictly for our own personal interest. We've had requests over the years from places as far flung as Russia, Brasil, Malaysia, Israel and Croatia and all of Western Europe.

If you are still having some difficulty deciding what type of elf or otherkin that you are or what magical elements you feel most comfortable with, enter Our Elven Tree of Life Eternal and weave through our magical forest by clicking on the colorful symbols following the questions at the bottom of each page. You can leave the forest at any time and return to this want an elf name page or to our home page by following the links at the top of each page in the magical forest. Enjoy!

And if you are still having questions about out What Kind of Elf or Fae Are You? The Silver Elves will help you discover your true tribe. Click here to read more.

Also, if you would like to read about our Silver Elves book we have published on Amazon that contains a dictionary of 5.600 of the elf names we have already gifted people over the years, please click here.

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Peakie at our elven eald
Above: Peakie, one of our pet peacocks, roams our Elven Eald.

Peekie at our elven eald

Left: Peekie (Peakie's brother) is often found hiding alone in the beautiful Hawaiian follage in the front yard of our Elven Eald. He doesn't think we can see him as he sits very still and we take his picture. He will come out of hiding, however, for a piece of homemade bread.


Peekie peacock with full plumes with fanning sound like fairy wings

Just three months later, here is Peekie with his full plumes grown and he fans a peahen. The sound of the flutter of the tips of his feathers mesmerize us like the gentle breeze of fairy wings! These elves watched him from our lanai in amazement..

Click here to learn Arvyndase the language of the Silver Elves

Like a bird newly fledged
I leap from a branch and spread my wings
Trusting my life
To the power of the winds.


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