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July 9, 2009

We have a basic policy…
Dearest Kin,
… that if people call us what we wished to be called, elves, pixies, etc., we will refer to they by whatever name they desire. Or people can call us whatever they wish and we will render unto them the say service or disservice as the case may be. We have found that nearly all folks prefer the former to the latter.

Of course, when we speak of the Violynts, the Grymleans, the Goblears and Meddlers, we are not referring to any organized or self identified group but rather to individuals (or often not) who are defined by their behaviors, and it is those behaviors exclusively that keep them in those categories or free them from such nomenclature. On the other hand, when we speak of Normals we are referring to a self-identified group and we’ve derived this name for them from listening to their own claims about themselves. We’ve repeatedly heard them say, “I’m so glad I’m normal” or “I’m just glad my son/daughter turned out to be normal” or “Thank God, he/she is normal”. The fact that they in turn might call us Freaks does not bother us at all. We are ever ready to let our “freak flag fly”.

Nonetheless, occasionally we encounter Elfin Faerie kindred, who due to compassion, takes issue with us for calling the Normal folk normals not realizing that 1. We are merely calling them what they wish to be called and 2. That calling someone a normal only seems insulting to those of us elfin sorts for whom to be thought normal would be an insult. However, to the normal folk being thought a freak or weirdo or even an elf or faerie is tantamount to being called insane or a social pariah and they’d much rather, and desperately desire to, be normal. We surely understand and don’t blame them for this, although in many ways we pity the constraint this puts upon their lives, their intellect and their creativity. But as the great elfin psychological theorist Arvyn Flez tells us there are two essential types of people in the world, those who prefer social acceptance to freedom and those of us “others” who always choose freedom over acceptance.

Some have even told us that there is no such thing as a normal person, that no one is really normal. We will not debate that idea here for we are not altogether disinclined to agree with this notion, however, it seems to us somewhat rude to insist that those who wish so desperately to be considered normal should be denied this desire. We are, after all, faerie folk and it is our power, right and privilege often to grant people’s wishes. This wish they have to be considered normal is such a small wish and while restrictive in our opinion, is nonetheless a genuine desire and we see no reason to deny them in such a small and ultimately harmless thing. It would be rather like trying to take away some toddler’s security blanket, it merely makes them cry and cling to it all the tighter. On the other hand, if we let them have what they so desire they may some find that no longer want it quite so desperately and having been granted acceptance, by us if by no one else, they will find themselves secure enough to take a bit of freedom and who knows, perhaps come play with the elves.

The Silver Elves


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