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Acquired Taste
January 5. 2010

While the Elven Way is also often referred to as the Yielding Way…
Dearest Elfin,
… and we elves, particularly in our youth are often noted to be “somewhat easy” (okay, a lot easy), finding each other in a world full of normal folk is seldom easy and more than one elf has spent a good deal of their life feeling isolated and alone, wondering, indeed, if there are really any other elves in the world.

Alas, beloved, this is to be expected. We are unique and rare individuals and even though we might, as many of our kind do in their youth, try to fit in with and merge with normal culture, the normal folk, though they are seldom consciously aware that we are elves, in fact, due to their belief that we elves do not exist, cannot be conscious of our elfin nature, nonetheless, inwardly sense that we are different from them and anything that is different, frightens them. And while a relationship with a normal person seems somewhat inviting in our loneliness, it never can, in the long run, fulfilled our true inner need for each other. The truth is that, like caviar, we elves are an acquired taste.

This is not because we are against relationships with normal folk (did we mention that we’re easy?), nor that we look down upon them, but quite the contrary. It is they who find our aura of magic unsettling, which if they were only open to it, we’d be glad to share with them.

One might wonder why we elves, who so hunger for relationship, and for whom relationship is nearly the be all and end all of life, our purpose and our goal, crystallized in the word Love, would be born in a time when there are so few of us, and in circumstances that often make it so difficult for us to find each other. But this is a sacrifice we undertook willingly before coming into this world and these lives, so that we might awaken that bit of Elfin that lives within so many, and help guide the world to a better tomorrow. In other words, we do this for Love.

It is also true that the vast majority of elves are enchanters and it is only natural that in order to develop our skills in enchantment we would chose to be born in circumstances that challenge our abilities. Thus, as an example, if we wish to develop our abilities at charming, we might choose a life wherein we have not fame, nor fortune or good looks to depend upon and instead must rely entirely upon our ability to charm others, that is develop our personality to its most enchanting form. Although it must be said, that one must be a truly great enchanter to take on that challenge and most of us choose challenges that are not quite that severe.

This also accounts for the fact that while in fiction we are pictured as beautiful, slim, beings that almost anyone would hunger to be with, in this current reality we are not always so. In Elfin, the land of our soulful spirits we are ever gorgeous, but in this world our chosen challenges and our shapeshifting abilities often make us less so. Still, it is also true that in each other’s eyes we are always beautiful and this is in part a test, for if someone can see our true beauty, we know they are truly elfin kind.

And we seldom undertake such challenges alone. We often manifest together, in pairs or more, and it is rare that in the course of our lives that we do not find the others that came in with us, that is that are meant for us. Of course, the quicker we perfect our particular magical skills the quicker this can happen, but even in the case where (hypothetically) we might fail altogether, it is seldom that we don’t have a back up system that kicks in automatically, sending out a beacon/beckon that brings our kindred rushing to our sides. And in those rare cases where one might choose to go though life without another to the bitter end, we will always find each other once again in Elfin.

The Silver Elves

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