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Welcome to Paradise
November 24, 2008

“Welcome to Paradise,” they say, and it is indeed paradise here, these Blessed Islands in the Uttermost West. However, it is a paradise under assault from modern civilization…
dear kin,
… with construction going on constantly.

Once, the entire Earth was paradise to the elves. If you were to ask, where was the Garden of Eden, we’d reply, “Look around you,” for that’s where it was, everywhere. Man wasn’t cast from the Garden of Eden, he cut down the Trees of Life and Knowledge, tore up the Garden, and paved over it. Now there are high rises where the Trees used to grow.

This is not to say that we elves are opposed to modern civilization. On the contrary, we are very much in favor of civilization and will greet it with open arms if ever it arrives. But that civilization must be one that is in harmony with Nature, or it will not last, and must nurture and empower all the people, or it will not be worth living in (and not truly be a civilization at all).

The current crisis that the world is facing, while it will prove difficult and painful for most of us, is none the less in keeping with the Prophecies which tell us it will not be until we have passed 2012 that we will really and truly see the growing dominance of the new advanced race of beings that our magics have wrought.

It is true that this new elfin race has aroused fear in the hearts of the Grim, the Greedies and the Violents, but that is to be expected. Their world is ruled by fear and so it is only to be expected that they fear the lost of power that is coming for them. It is also true that they will do their best to destroy the world if they can, for their motto is If we can’t have it, no one can. However, since this development was foretold thousands of year ago there is every expectation that we will succeed in bringing in a new and more wondrously Elfin world.

If it was up to us, this transition would be a totally peaceful one, but then, if it had been up to us, it would have happened decades, even millennia ago. So the fact that the GGV (grim, greedy and violent) will oppose this new world with every ounce of hate and ignorance they have left is only to be expected. And while they may succeed, we think that is highly unlikely. Their numbers are waning even as we write this, although, that is just another thing they refuse to face.

Despair not, beloved, nor waste your time worrying about it. Set your minds toward the future; and each day, with every thought, word, and deed, create Elfin. And though some us will surely pass from our bodies during this time, we will come again, as we have before, drawn here by our vow to create Elfin on Earth. We will be born into a new world where Love, not fear, rules, and each and every one is allowed, nay encouraged, to express their own true nature, a world filled with elves, and faeries and dwarves and all manner of being in the process of becoming their own true s’elves, however, they choose to define it, a world without rape, without poverty, without war, without child abuse, without slavery, without torture.

Oh, yes, you say we are dreamers. And this is true. We are dreaming a New World into existence, for we are Elves, and that is what we do.

The Silver Elves



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