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Hobbits and Halflings
August 23, 2009

Dear Kin,
… can now be found in the dictionary, at least Merriam Webster’s collegiate Dictionary, tenth edition, listed as a creation of J. R. R. Tolkien. Most other writers, presumably to honor Tolkien’s copyright, refer to such beings in their writings as Halflings, and are generally depicted as diminutive creatures about half the size of mankind. The word hob, however, associated with the hobgoblins is said to mean mischievous, although these elves have traditionally thought of the word as meaning half, as in Halfling, but not due to size, but rather referring to a being that is say, half goblin and half dwarf. For to say hobgoblin means a mischievous goblin is to be rather redundant in our minds; aren’t all goblins mischievous?

These elves have actually known some hobbits in our time and still do. In fact, we have been initiated into their society and given hobbit names of our own. Zardoa is known as Rudagar Furryfoot among them and Silver Flame is called Neffie or Nefferela.

We love these beings who are bright and even brilliant but tend somewhat to the rotund side of things, this being due, as Tolkien correctly indicated to their habit (hobbit?) of eating at all hours of the day. When we would stay among them we would have a pre-breakfast snack, breakfast, brunch, lunch (or really supper, a lavish affair, enough to feed an elf for days), afternoon snack, dinner, dessert and late evening snack. It took us days to recover from this regimen and one of the reasons we stopped visiting them so frequently was due to our own tendency to grow more outwardly than inwardly when we did so.

Although the hobbits we know are still marvelous company, you understand, and for all their eating, quite energetic folk, getting more accomplished in a day than we do in a week. They are also, in their way, far more ambitious than these elves have ever been.

The Hobbits we have known are quite avid, if not the most accomplished, musicians, and have an amazing fondness for listening to their own music. They approach everything they are interested in with an unstinting self-confidence that is literally contagious, creating enthusiasm in everyone around them. They are really quite fearless, and not in the least intimidated by the world of the “big folk” about them. They are ready to take on anyone who obstructs them.

They are truly remarkable beings, these hobbit, halfling, hobs, and we have learned a lot from them. If you encounter beings of this kind, dear elfin, we suggest you learn as much as you can from them as well. But watch your waist!

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves



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