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In Search of Elfin
February 25, 2009

The way to Elfin is within…
… the StarGates that lead to Elfin from this world are accessed by acts of s’elf transformation. As we change ours’elves, becoming more and more elfin, that is to say, more and more our own true s’elves, we shift from one parallel world to another, getting closer each time to the place we wish to be.

It is true the changes in the world about us are quite subtle, but this is to be expected. If we take one step on a journey of a thousand miles we cannot expect to be very far from where we were just a step previously. However, as we continue on our journey, step by step, the changes begin to become quite obvious until, eventually, it is clear we have stepped into a whole new world, a new world born, in a sense, of the changes within our own s’elves.

Many people, perhaps most, conceive of StarGates in a material sense. They are ever looking for the passage to Faerie (that is if they even believe it exists) or other worlds through physical wormholes. Yet we elves are a spiritual people and while we are aware of the material world, we know it is ultimately an illusion, and we do not define ours’elves in terms of it. Thus it is not pointed ears, nor white hair, nor any particular physical characteristic that defines what it is to be elven but aspects of our spirit that define us. We are magicians, wonder workers, wish granters, and, in a very real sense, we are elves because we wish to be elves. Our elfin nature is born of an act of magic. Of course, there are those who might wish to argue about this, but those who like to argue are seldom of elfin kind.

So it is that the way to Elfin/Faerie is found not just in the material world but in the spiritual world as well and if one does not find it in the spiritual realms, or really, have the proper spirit, one will not recognize it in the physical realm. For the elfin spirit is the key, the way, the mystic glass, so to speak, though which all things become clear to we who are elven and Elfin comes alive around us. Without that spirit vision the world is, indeed, a very dull and mundane place.

Yet once one’s elfin vision opens, the world becomes a place of wonder. Everyday is a new adventure and things that were previously hidden from one are now clearly visible. The world of spirit/energy that swirls ever around us becomes apparent, and our interconnectedness to all of life is laid bare. Our mind, our intuition, our dreams and our feelings are revealed as the interface with the Universe, and as we extend them outward we can touch all things just as a drop of water in the ocean touches the entire ocean.

So too are we connected to Elfin/Faerie by our sense of wonder. Our desire to be there is our map to find it and the actions we take each moment to live the life elfin is the means for getting there. Still, it is equally true that need never search for Elfin. If you live your life as an elf, if you are of the spirit, no matter how far away you seem to be from Elfin, eventually, dear kin, Elfin will inevitably find you.

The Silver Elves



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