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August 10, 2009

We were told when we were young…
Dear Kindred,
…. that animals are raised and children reared. We think, however, that this opinion was due more to certain types of humans’ proclivity toward corporeal punishment than a strict understanding of the English language. The Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, on the other hand, informs us that the terms ‘raised’ and ‘reared’ are interchangeably acceptable for the description of the upbringing of both animals and children.

We elves, however, are neither raised nor reared, we are rared, that is educated to become unique or rare, which is to say, become our true s’elves. Although, we also refer to our upbringing as being rarified, not only made rare, but also made more subtle, spiritual and refined.

While in most cultures the young are continually faced with peer and parent pressure to conform to cultural traditions and social mores at the expense of their own being, we elves continually encourage our kin to be their own true s’elves, to trust their intuition, and develop their personal style.

Some would think that this would lead us to be particularly self-centered and competitive individuals promoting our individuality at the expense of others or rebellious individual ever eager to be different from those who are all the same, however, quite the opposite is true. Our uniqueness is developed with the understanding that all beings are essentially unique and it is by encouraging individuality and independent thought that our own unique being is both developed and protected. It is true that in cultures that seem to both promote conformity while decrying peer pressure there arises a certain rebelliousness among us and a struggle to rise above the mixed messages we receive, however, this is not the natural state of elfin and we have no need to prove we are more unique than our others. Thus we are the same in our uniqueness and united by our diversity and mutual respect thereof.

More than that, we delight in our own as well as our others uniqueness. Our world is filled with diversity and this is in harmony with Nature and pleasing to The Magic. Nature loves diversity, however, the Grim or Grimlean, despite diversity wanting everyone to dress, act, think and believe as they do and will ever go as far as jailing or killing those who don’t. Of course, the Grims don’t themselves always agree on what they should believe thus the world is ever subjected to the religious wars of one Grim sect trying to eliminate their rivals. This competition of uniformity is quite the opposite of our elven tendency to live and let live. And perhaps it is the Grims tendency to want to make everyone the same that makes them so hateful, callous and disrespectful of Nature. To them Mother Nature is nothing more than their slave/whore; to we elfin, She is our great Goddess.

In the Elfin mind, the more rare we become as individuals the more rarefied we become, that is refined and developed as spirits, and the more rarefied we become the more rare we are as well. Our egoic nature rises to the fore and the unique aspects of our souls and spirits become ever more evident and powerful. It is recognizing our uniqueness that we come to understand the Unity of all Nature and our unique and special place within it, for we are elves and we are all the same, we are each unique.

The Silver Elves


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