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Elfin Suits
March 21, 2009

It is easy …
Dear kin,
… to be an elf, and for that reason and others the elfin way is often called the yielding path for we ever take the path of least resistance, which puts us in harmony with our own natural tendencies as well as the laws of Nature. We are inclined toward a life of ease, and even when we work we endeavor to do so with as much grace and joy as possible, making all things, in as much as possible, a delight to us.

Yet, though our path to us seems quite simple and easy to understand, those who try to view us from the outside often find our philosophies quite difficult, if not altogether incomprehensible. They see us as being fundamentally inscrutable and soon give up trying to make sense of what seems to them to be just craziness, although, in fact, we are really the most logical and reasonable of people.

The curious thing is that those most likely to think us crazy are the ones who tell us that war is part of human nature and never will be eliminated, and that their God is a loving tyrant who tortures people for eternity if they do not profess a belief in him and other such lunatic gibberish. We realize that for most folks these opinions stem from a tendency to unreflectively accept whatever they’ve been told, but it is not our intention to go into all that here or now.

Rather, we are here for our kindred, particularly for those newly awakened who are still trying to sort though the various stories and tales to understand what is truly elfin and what are the uniformed musings of those who have never actually been among us, nor in most cases even believe we really exist.

Often our kindred come to us for advice and guidance in finding their true s’elves. But what do we really have to tell them? We have neither dogma nor doctrine. We have no charismatic leaders, or actually we have a good deal of charisma but no leaders, or more precisely we are all charismatic leaders and what we are really lacking (although we don’t want nor miss them) are followers. Neither do we have any rules.

Although if we did have rules they would be these: 1. Always be courteous, and 2. Whenever it is possible and safe to do so, be kind! These two will get an elf (and most other folk) though most of what is encountered in life. And if you add to these the admonition to do the aforementioned with as much elegance, grace and aplomb as possible you have most of what constitutes the elven way.

Usually when our kindred come to us for specifics the most precise we can be is to say, “Think for yours’elf”, or “Trust your feelings”, or “Do what you feel is best for you without hurting others”, and while these seem imprecise they are a genuine reflection of elfin thought. Take elfin fashion. Many of us tend to wear various costumes reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Vampire Lestat, or Underworld, and people often think we’ve just come from or are heading to a renaissance fair. At the same time some of us could be dressed in such costumes while others are wearing business suits and this works perfectly for us. In fact, elves are encouraged to wear whatever feels best to them and we suggest others do the same. Thus among the elfin one tends to find not a uniformity of fashion but an incredible motley variety of costume, and that suits us just fine. If it suits you as well, you may be one of us.

Ver nesidas mellun vari te (In shimmering starlight ever be),
The Silver Elves

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