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Making It Real
January 09, 2009

Looking down the valley from our eald…
Dear kin,
… we can see through the swaying palm trees, the ocean glittering beneath the afternoon sun. Sometimes the wind comes howling though the valley with such power that we can stretch out our hands and capture it, like a dry sponge sucking in water, then send it forth again, radiant with faerie light and blessings. We live in the Uttermost West, on the islands of apples (pineapples) that the ancients called Avalon and that we call Paradise.

Yet even here at the end of the Earth, where new land is spewed forth everyday, we are not free from the dark spells that seek to seize all of humanity and draw it down into the abyss of destruction. The spells of hate and prejudice, greed and unthinking consumption of the world’s resources until the apocalypse that the wicked so hunger for, cannot help but take place. Everyday we creep closer to the time when the final battle of this Age will take place and it will be decided whether we will, like Mu and Atlantis before us, go down in flames and fury, or rise to new and greater heights of civilization.

Many of our kindred look ever for the StarGates through which we may escape this mad world and step into Elfin and we quite understand that desire. However, we say to you that the way to Elfin is within and if you do not find it within yours’elf, you will always find it without you, but never recognize it at all. By transforming our s’elves, by an incredible act of perceptual magic, we begin to see the truth of life, that Elfin lives in potential everywhere about us and it is not to be found elsewhere, so much as to be created here.

As we live our lives as elves, manifesting Elfin in the world through our own being, the dark spell lifts and we begin to see the realization of the possibility that exists all around us. Elves and faeries, gnomes and all manner of otherkin are all about, camouflaged beneath a protective veneer of normalcy. Every being inwardly hungers to be free to be hir own true s’elf, to shake off the shackles of enculturation, and to feel accepted for being who sHe truly is. Our courage to be our own true s’elves encourages our others to do the same. This is a profound act of magic that, while seeming insignificant to many, has the power to help change and save the world.

Still, sitting by our lanai (porch) each morning drinking our coffee and listening to a thousand birds chirp delightedly, we cannot help but realize how very lucky we are to live in paradise, in Elfin Truly Manifest Upon the Earth the future calls out from the ancient past, saying it’s all possible, the magic is real, come forward into the radiant light of your own being.

At the same time, we know from experience that paradise stems not just from the place we are in the world but the place we are within our own s’elves. Each of us has the power to transform the world around us, wherever we find ours’elves, through the power of our perception. Some people will argue that we are living in a fantasy world created by our minds and we will not argue with that. However, we would add that it is a fantasy world created not merely by our minds, but made real by our lives. We live our lives as elves and thus are elves in the world. And really, doesn’t the world very desperately need elves right now? Be your own ‘elf and magic will radiate from your being subtly transforming all you encounter. It may not be obvious at first, but it will be reality. A reality you’ve created with magic, the magic of your very own elfin being.

Eli-Feln-Le (We love you),
The Silver Elves



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