Enjoy Sampling The Silver Elves Books on Magic and Enchantment and The Elven Way

All of our Silver Elves books are presented below in seven categories: Books on Elven Oracles, Books on Elven Magic, Books on Developing One's Own Personal Elven Myth, Books on Elven Philosophy, Books on Elven Language, Books of Elven Poetry and Fiction, and Books for Living the Elven Lifestyle. We have devoted an entire web page for each of our books. This way you will have a chance to not only order our books, but also view a sample of their contents and read what otherkin have said about them. Please click on the links below to view each book and find order information.

All 41 of our books are available on Amazon in the US and Europe Amazon websites, as well as many of our books also being available on The Book Depository (which ships free internationally to many countries including Australia). Your favorite hometown bookstores may order all of our books through Ingram or their preferred wholesaler.

There are many books below to choose from and the order in which you read our books is up to you, but if you would like a suggestion, you may wish to begin with one or more of these four books:
1. The Elven Way:
The Magical Path of the Shining Ones

2. Through The Mists Of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven

3. The Book of Elven Runes: A Passage Into Faerie
4. The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves

You May also wish to read about our newest book:
The Magical Realms of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path. If you are curious about elves and want to learn more about modern elves, then you will surely find The Magical Realms of Elfin to contain many of your questions answered and it will be a great comfort and help in finding your way home to the magical realms of Elfin.

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Silver Elves Books on Our Original Elven Oracles

The Book of Elven Runes: A Passage Into Faerie
We have reprinted our original rune oracle and key to a passage into Faerie

The Elven Book of Powers: Using the Tarot for Magical Wish Fulfillment
For those who wish to use the Tarot for visualization and wish fulfillment. It describes the powers of each particular card in a traditional Tarot deck and how to use its powers, with incantations, evocations and rhyming spells.

The Voice of Faerie: Making Any Tarot Deck Into an Elven Oracle
The Voice of Faerie is designed to allow the user to communicate with the Realms and Spirits of Faerie/Elfin/Elfland, the spirits of the Nether Realms, sentient and intelligent beings of this and other planets, this and other dimensions, this world and the parallel worlds connected to it, using any tarot deck.

The Elven Book of Changes: A Magical Interpretation of the I Ching
A magical interpretation of the I Ching or Book of Changes, and is for magicians, elves, and magic wielders of all kinds.

The Elven Book of Dreams: A Magical Oracle of Faerie
This book contains 360 magical dream symbols that are interpreted for use as an oracle for elfin magicians, witches, and other magic folk. There are also over 300 poetic rhyming spells contained in the book to be used for magical enchantments, incantations, and rituals.

The Elven Star Oracle: A System of Divination for Star Enchanters
This book is an original divinatory system created by the Silver Elves invoking the 88 major constellations and the blessings of the Shining Ones for guiding one through the world and ever closer to the realization of Faerie.

Elven Geomancy: An Ancient Oracle of the Elfin Peoples for Divination and Spell Casting
ELVEN GEOMANCY is an original system of divination by The Silver Elves that creates a magical ritual with each forecast and also a means of creating magical elfin spells to help bring about one's wishes. The Silver Elves have created a new divination system for modern elves and faerie folk that draws from the ancient geomancy of ages past.

Silver Elves Books on Elven Magic

An Elfin Book of Spirits: Evoking the Beneficient Power of Faerie
A book for magicians filled with spirit familiars and allies.

The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves
This book explores the Elven viewpoint concerning magick and the world, and traditional spiritual and religious myths. It covers the tools of magic and gives magical ceremonies that may be adapted for use by modern elves. magicians. and faerie.

The Book of Elven Magick: The Philosophy and Enchantments of the Seelie Elves, Volume 2
"The book of Elven Magick, Volume 2" continues the progression of the color magics and proceeds on into the nature and establishment of the Elven Vortex/Coven, and our theories on calling the directions/dimensions.

The Shining Ones:
The Elfin Spirits That Guide You According to Your Birth Date And The Evolutionary Lessons They Offer

If you wish to further you relationship with those High Elven spirits who have gone before us, this book will help show you the way.

The Elements of Elven Magic: A New View of Calling the Elementals Based Upon the Periodic Table of Elements
A book to use for summoning and evoking elements to help you in your life and magic.
Taking a new look at the idea of the elements and the elementals, the Silver Elves have once again merged the reality of Science, which is Nature, and Occult tradition and have introduced the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water into the modern age of the Periodic Table of Elements.

The Keys to Elfin Enchantment:
Mastery of the Faerie Light Through the Portals of Manifestation

Abook of enchantment, for enchanters, revealing the Keys to Enchantment, the true and greatest magic of the elfin folk. It is filled with the philosophy of the elves and how they encounter and subtly transform the world wielding and fulfilling its dreams and desires while guiding it toward a better and more elfin future.

 Creating Miracles In the Modern World: The Way Of the Elfin Thaumaturge
This is a book of Elfin Thaumaturgy, of miracle working and wonder creation, although for these elves we much prefer the idea of wonder working and creation to the idea of miracles. We love wonders. We love creating them; we love encountering them. This simple tome will explore the means by which we may do so.

Developing One's Personal Elven Myth

Eldafaryn: True Tales of Magic from the Lives of the Silver Elves
Eldafaryn (Elf Haven) contains a series of vignettes from the lives of the Silver Elves describing their lives, their magic, their philosophy, and thier unique view of the world.

The Elven Tree of Life Eternal: A Magical Quest for the True S'Elf
The Elven Tree of Life Eternal is set up like a choose your own adventure book for those who wish to undertake the challenge to discover their true magical s'elves.

Living the Personal Myth: Making the Magic of Faerie Real in One's Own Life
Living the Personal Myth is written by Zardoa Silverstar of the Silver Elves. It is a unique narrative about a psychological depth study of the magic of living one’s personal myth, in effect, making one’s dream and vision of one’s self come true by living it. It is a personal guide to becoming one’s true s’elf as one inwardly knows one’s s’elf to be.

Silver Elves Books on Elven Philosophy

Through The Mists Of Faerie: A Magical Guide to the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Elven
Through The Mists Of Faerie is about High Elven Magic. Not the magic of chants and spells and ceremonies, of which we've already written quite a bit, but of the Quest to become like those kindred of ours who we, and others, call the Shining Ones.

The Elven Way: The Magical Path of the Shining Ones
“The Elven Way” describes the Mystical, Magical, Spiritual Path of the Elf folk and their connection to the Shining Ones, those supra-dimensional beings who are our guides, guardians, ancient kindred and the source of our enlightenment.

The Magical Elven Love Letters Volume 1, 2, & 3
Thesethree books are filled with the letters written and circulated beginning in 1979 by the Silver Elves, to encourage elves to awaken to their Elfin nature, to be true to their individual destiny, and to embrace their starry heritage. They are filled with Elven Philosophy of Magic and they observe the world from the point of view of the Elves, which is often quite unique from how most people view and experience the world.
You do not have to read volume 1 to enjoy volume 2 or 3, so be sure and visit all three book links on this page before making a selection.

Books of Correspondence Between The Silver Elves
and the Founders of The Elf Queen's Daughters, four volumes
Each of these 4 books are a collection of letters with dominate themes of sorcery, the Manu, the Shinning One who is the inspiration for the evolution of humanity in this age, Esoteric Buddhisim, Elven magic and culture, Tolkien, the supra-dimensional and necromancy.

Liber Aelph: Words of Guidance from the Silver Elves to our Magical Children
Liber Aelph is a message from the Silver Elves to their magical children, grandchildren, children’s children’s children and those who come after, including their own s’elves in future lifetimes. It is a guideline for awakening elves to follow as they proceed into the future and the Age of Faerie to come.

Elf Magic Mail: Book 1,
The Original Letters of The Elf Queen’s Daughters With Commentary by The Silver Elves

This book is the first volume containing the original letters of the Elf Queen's Daughters (EQD)—a Frasority of Elves founded in the 1970s—and were contributed by the founders of the EQD, Arwen and Elanor. The commentaries on each letter are written by the Silver Elves. We know you will enjoy reading these magical letters as much as we do and find the path of the Elven Way beautiful and enchanting.

Elf Magic Mail Book 2,
The Original Letters of The Elf Queen’s Daughters With Commentary by The Silver Elves

This book is the second volume containing the original letters of the Elf Queen's Daughters (EQD)—a Frasority of Elves founded in the 1970s—and were contributed by the founders of the EQD, Arwen and Elanor. The commentaries on each letter are written by the Silver Elves.
This is a particularly important book because it contains an image of the original drawing of the seven pointed elven star as first drawn and adopted by the founders of the EQD. Many of the letters are about the philosophy and meaning of the adoption of this star that has now been used world wide as the elven-faerie star.

Faerie Unfolding: The Cosmic Expression of the Divine Magic
It is an advanced book of elven philosophy concerning The Silver Elves’ views on the nature of the Divine and its expression and manifestation into the world as seen from those cultures that are most connected to and historically expressive of Elven Culture.

Silver Elves Books on Elven Language

Arvyndase (Silverspeech): A Short Course in the Magical Language of the Silver Elves
The Arvyndase language was created primarily to use with magic so elfin magicians, wizards, enchanters, sorcerers and other magic wielders could create and chant their spells in a magical language.

The Book of Elf Names:
5,600 Elven Names to use for Magic, Game Playing, Inspiration, Naming One's Self
and One's Child, and as Words in the Elven Language of the Silver Elves

In this book we present 5600 elf names (along with their pronounciation and English translation) from our Arvyndase language as inspiration for those who wish to create their own elven names .

Silver Elves Books on Elven
Poetry and Fiction

Elven Silver: The Irreverent Faery Tales of Zardoa Silverstar
These are a collection of short stories by Zardoa Silverstar, one of the Silver Elves. You will find within this book a western, a detective story, parodies of popular movie and television characters, and re-imaginings of traditional fairy tales all told from an elven point of view in Zardoa’s wry irreverent pixie style.

Caressed By An Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar 
A collection of poems and songs writen by Zardoa Silverstar over the past 35 years

An Elven Game of Rhymes : Book Two of the Magical Poems of Zardoa Silverstar
This is book two of the poems of Zardoa Silverstar. Most of these poems in this current volume were inspired by the ancient Elven Poetry Game that Zardoa Silverstar created.

The Elves of Lyndarys: A Magical Tale of Modern Faerie Folk
The Elves of Lyndarys is an often humorous novel about a young man’s struggle to mature and develop himself, his magic and his identity as he encounters and explores the modern pagan and otherkin communities and happens to encounter real elves, slowly coming to realize as he does so that he may not be a man at all but one of the elven.

Silver Elves Books for Inspiration on Living the Elven Lifestyle

What An Elf Would Do: A Magical Guide to the Manners and Etiquette of the Faerie Folk
This book is a sly, often tongue in cheek view of how elves see and interact with the world of the Normal folk as well as with Otherkind of all sorts of kindred.

The Elf Folks' Book of Cookery: Recipes For a Delighted Tongue, a Healthy Body and a Magical Life

Elf Quotes: A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by the Silver Elves about Magic and the Elven Way

The United States of Elfin: Imagining a More Elven Style of Government
What would an Elven government and society actually look like in our modern world? And how may we, in
seeking to go about creating such realms, do so

New Release December 2017!  The Magical Realms of Elfin: Answers to Questions About Being an Elf and Following the Elven Path
A thorough and easy-to-read resource to explore the many questions people have asked the Silver Elves through the four decades they have have been living the Elven Way, questions about who the modern elves are and about the Elven Way or elven spiritual path — past, present and future.

"Just as a tree roots are hidden beneath the earth, the Roots of Magic are obscured by the invisible." The Silver Elves

Turtle Cove, a secret beach near our elven eald

Turtlecove, a secret beach just down the road from
our Elven Eald, where sea turtles and locals sun together.

Violet Faery in Hawaii
Our Faery Violet gracing our living room in Hawaii

"The Way to Elfin is found on the path that weaves through the Misty Forest that lives between the Mountain of Vision and the River of Reality." from "The Magical Elven Love Letters, Volume 1" by the Silver Elves

Tw peahens in backyard of elven eald
Two beautiful peahens roost in the backyard of our Elven Eald.


I believe in a Divinity
that's not limited
by the dictates, doctrines and dogmas
of any religion.
even those multitude of creeds
that so loudly proclaim
the supremacy of their One True Gods
I believe in a Divinity
that stands unabashedly naked and unashamed before the world
and says, "Take me, I'm yours.
I have loved you from the very beginning
when I first laid eyes on you.
I shall love you to the end
when we merge together in ecstatic abandon
I believe in a Divinity
that would do anything in its infinite power
to help, heal and uplift us
and is only restrained by its omniscient wisdom
which knows with absolute certainty
that if we are ever to find our true place in the Universe
we must learn to stand on our own feet
and take responsibility for the fact that the world we live in
is the one we have created.

For I believe in a Divinity
that lives in potential in all things
waiting to be realized by our every
thought, word and deed.


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