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If you have an elfin, faierie, or otherkin site and would like to have a link here, please email us your url and a brief statement about your site.

Silver Elves on Facebook — Check us out on Facebook! Come connect with us and other elves and otherkin. (our account is under the name Michael J. Love)

Silver Elves Books on Amazon.com Visit our author page on amazon and read about The Silver Elves and enjoy viewing our books on the elven way, magic and enchantment now on Amazon all listed in one convenient place.

Synesthesia Symbiosis — An expansion of Rialian's Realm with modern elven essays for your must read list. Also while you are there on Rialian's site, you may wish to go to Elven Realities and subscribe to his e-group, as well as reading a few of our Magical Elven Love Letters from years past that he kindly published on "Tales From Between the Webs".

Silverelves Goodreads Page — If you would like to read our short stories, we invite you to view them on Goodreads. You may wish to start with our first: Ban Sidhe - The Banshee.

Hidden Portals — Two galleries of Dara's artwork, both elven and portals of various "otherness", and text that comprise an artistic and literary record of her trance journeys into faery.

The Elenari — The Elenari hold periodic gatherings and are a good resource to find out about a variety of elf happenings.

The Otherkin This online otherkin community can help put you in touch with otherkin around the globe. Also, if you would like to read reviews of our books and/or make a comment yourself on our books, please visit their Recommended Reading page.

Eristic — Eshari's website on elves and otherkin.

Elven Music — Here you can find Elven Moods and other magical elven music by Hetoreyn.

Elfin Tree Weavings — Enjoy visiting the site of the Elves of Noswithintha for Elfin, Faerie and Lord of the Rings LOTR style clothes, wands, energy cards, faerie dreamcatchers and other magical items. We particularly recommend viewing the beautiful energy cards.

Elfin Sisterhood
— This is a place for those who are interested in the Elfin, Faerie and other Kin Races, and for those who are incarnated Elf, Faerie whether male or female. A place to work together for the greater good.

What's Behind Your Belly Button? — Does gut feeling awareness foster the intuition? This link will take you to a website where you can view information and a link to Amazon.com on this groundbreaking book that explores a new understanding of our nature with the awareness of two centers of intelligence—the head and the gut brains. This controversal new image of inner nature is collaborated with the recent medical discovery of the Second Brain—the gut brain—and explores how we are on the cusp of a Renaissance in consciousness and hope for all. Also join their blog "What Are Our Instinctual Gut feelings" for a discussion of how gut feeling relates to your health, intuition. immune system, amd decision making.

FaerieCraft — Wonderful crafts made by faeries, elves, and pixies.

Faery Craft authored by Emily Carding is a comprehensive guide to the modern Faery lifestyle and an essential handbook to human-faerie relations. Read about how to use Faery magick, create altars, and find a Faery ally. Read interviews with faery authors, artists, and musicians. R. J. Stewart, John and Caitlín Matthews, the Silver Elves, T. Thorn Coyle, Brian and Wendy Froud, Charles de Lint, Linda Ravenscroft, S. J. Tucker, ari Berk, Elizabeth-Jane Baldry, Karen Kay, Felicity Fyr Le Fay and others are all featured in this glittering introduction to the fae and the people who love them.

The Elves from Ancient Times to Our Days: The Magical Heritage of "Starry People" and their Continuaton Into the Modern World by an elven Ukrainian author Nikolay Lyapanenko (our elven grandson). It is a comprehensive book exploring both scientific and historical research about ancient elves. It also explores modern elves, their philosophy and lifestyle, and the development of the Elven Movement worldwide. We highly recomend this book to all people interested in elves and to anyone who would like to read more slavic and European folklore, as the author gives us his original translations from Russian and Eastern European languages with many fascinating folk tales about elves into English.

The Elven Wisdom Channel is where Kimberel Eventide discusses the Elven consciousness that brings higher wisdom for those who wish to walk the Elven Path of Tolkien, in our reality. Her channel is to help awaken all souls to the Unity and Beauty in all things on Earth and in the Cosmos...and beyond. She theorizes that the Pleiadian beings that she feels most familiar with are elven in many ways and possibly could be elves of the stars.

Stirring The Cauldron with radio show host Marla Brooks. Here you can listen to a podcast interview with Zardoa of The Silver Elves speaking to questions like: What is the Elven Way and elven Magic? What is the Elven Tree of Life? What kind of magic do elves do? What is the difference in magic and enchantment? Are elves real or mythological? by clicking here: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/stirringthecauldron/episodes/2017-02-11T10_45_24-08_00. Then go to the home page of Stirring the Cauldron and catch many amazing interviews with others in the Craft.

Look What's New by The Silver Elves!

The Silver Elves blog on Blogspot is New! It is a place where we answer questions that people generally ask us about elven magick and philosophy, elven lifestyle and The Elven Way. We welcome you to come join us and to leave a comment if you so choose, even asking us a question to address for the future. We also have an older Silver Elves blog site on Wordpress, which has been going for sometime, with a variety of articles.

Zaroa at Kane'Aki Heiau: Ancient Hawaiian Temple
Zardoa enters Kane'Aki Heiau : Ancient Hawaiian Temple
just two blocks from our
Elven Eald in Makaha Valley.

Temple built by Menehune, elves and wee folk
We are told by local native Hawaiians that the Menehune, elves and other wee folk of
Hawaii, are said to have built this temple in the 15th century as a sacred site for the local chief.
It was first used by the chief to honor the Rain Goddess and to serve Lono, the God of agriculture.
Local native Hawaiians still consider the site to be sacred and so do these elves.


Zardoa at Kaneilio Heiau


Zardoa and Silver at Kaneilio Heiau in Waianae on Kaneilio Point. This sacred heiau is built for the Hawaiian patron of travelers, Ilioloa, The Long Dog, a guardian dog who protects people on journeys on land and sea, as well as the journey to the otherworlds and the afterlife.

Silver Flame of the Silver Elves at Kaeilio Heiau


Elven Sister at Heiau

Loriel Starr, our elven sister, joins us on the beach
of the
Kaneilio Heiau for a sacred blessing


How does it feel to be an elf?
To be an elf is to be swollen with a passion
To enter in the beloved
Returning once again
To be born from whence we came
In divine ectasy.


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