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Elves In Paradise

Welcome to the Enchanted Magical Realms of The Silver Elves in the Uttermost West.

Are you interested in findng out What Kind of Elf or Fae Are You? What is Your Tribe? The Silver Elves will help you
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Zardoa and magic stones in Hawaii


SMILING FACES . . . . . .

Know the truth in a world of seeming
Elfin manifest all about
Waken now from nightmares dreaming
Elfin puts all fears to rout.

Smiling faces do surround you
Brothers, sisters, cousins, too
Faerie, elf, and pixie beaming
As you realize anew.

The truth of life is one with meaning
A meaning found in love’s embrace
Beneath the trees that are ever gleaming
Radiant upon each elven face.
~Zardoa Silverstar

If you like this poem, please see Caressed by An Elfin Breeze: The Poems of Zardoa Silverstar.

Who are the Silver Elves?

The Silver Elves are a family of elves who have been living and sharing the Elven Way since 1975. We are the authors of 50+ books on elven Magic including: The Book of Elven Runes, The Magical Elven Love Letters, volume I, 2, and 3, Through the Mists of Faerie, The Elven Way, and The Elfin Book of Spirits, and we have had various articles published in Circle Network News Magazine. We have created a 30,000+ word Elfin language called Arvyndase (SilverSpeech), and have given out over 6,000 elven names to interested individuals in Arvyndase. If you wish to know more about us you can read pages 100 to 107 in Circles, Groves and Sanctuaries, compiled by Dan and Pualine Campanelli (Llewellyn Publications, 1992), which contains an article by us and photos of us and our home/sanctuary as it existed at the time. You can also find an article about us in volume 4 number3, issue # 15 of Renaissance Magazine. We are also mentioned numerous times in Not In Kansas Anymore by Christine Wicker (Harper San Francisco, 2005), A Field Guide to Otherkin by Lupa (Megalithica Books, 2007), and are interviewed in Emily Carding's recent book Faery Craft.

We also welcome you to join us on Facebook under the name "Michael J. Love (Zardoa of The SilverElves)" and "Martha Char Love (SilverFlame of The Silver Elves)".


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Pic of Zardoa and Silver Flame


Our History

The Silver Elves were first awakened and became part of the Elf Queen’s Daughters in 1975. Our sisters (both male and females members were all called sisters) of the EQD taught us how to cast an Astrological Chart, do the I Ching and various spells of Enchantment. As members of the EQD, we Silver Elves formed a Vortex (coven) of the EQD that we called the Elves of the Southern Woodlands in Carbondale, Illinois, and soon thereafter began participating in the publications of the letters called Elf Magic Mail. In 1977 the inner circle of the EQD withdrew into seclusion and ceased publication of the letters. We, however, have remained in contact with most of these sisters to this day. In 1979 we moved to Gainesville, Fl., and changed our name to the Sylvan Elves and began publishing The Magical Elven Love Letters as a continuation of the Dharma we had vowed to undertake, the sharing of the knowledge of the Elven Way. In 1981, we relocated to California and took on the title of The Silver Elves, which has remained our name ever since. In 2008, we relocated to Hawaii where we are have published now 45+ books on elven magic and enchantment and the Elven Way, including three volumes of The Magical Elven Love Letters, Through the Mists of Faerie, The Elven Way, An Elfin Book of Dreams: An Oracle of Faerie, and The Elven Book of Changes. You are invited to read samples of our books by clicking on the Sample Our Books page on this website.

Click here to learn Arvyndase Language of Silver Elves

The Elven Way

The Elven Way is the spiritual Path of the Elves. It is not a religion. While all elves are free to pursue whatever spiritual path they desire, or not as the case may be, these elves are magicians and follow no particular religious dogma. We do however believe in all the Gods and Goddesses, (also Santa Claus [to whom we’re related], the tooth fairy [distant cousins] and the Easter or Ostara Bunny [no relation].) and try to treat them all with due respect. The Elven Way promotes the principles of Fairness, that is to say both Justice, Elegance and Equal Opportunity and Courtesy that is respectful in its interactions and attitude toward all beings, great or small. We understand the world as a magical or miraculous phenomena, and that all beings, by pursuing their own true path, will become whomever they truly desire to be. Our path is that of Love and Magic and we share our way with all sincerely interested individuals.

Kyela (which means Love in Arvyndase [silver speech]),

The Silver Elves

Click here for a list of our favorite
Silver Speech, Arvyndase, salutations used in the Elven Magical Love Letters
Pic of Makaha, Hawaii waterfalls at our elven eald
This is a view of the magical Makaha Valley waterfalls
taken as we look out the front yard of our Elven Eald.
Are you a faerie?
I know me some
Gathering at dusk
After deeds have been done.

Beautiful faces,
Charming and sweet
Kind in a way
That one seldom meets.

Their eyes all a twinkle
They give me a wink
I blush at the thoughts
They cause me to think.

I know some faeries
Playful and fun
It got me to wondering
If you might be one?

                     ~Zardoa Silverstar

Truth sits in the sand
The bride and groom hold hands
The bridesmaid tells of loves that she has lost Cupid's arrow’s sharp
As it does pierce her heart
But in love's blush she does not count the cost.
A Faery tale comes true
As Faery tales will do
In Faery where the Elder race doth dwell
On islands of the sea
Beneath the banyan tree
Every lingering sorrow
Is made well.
Zardoa Silverstar


Banyan tree friend in Waikiki

Banyan Tree on Waikiki

Elven Tree of Life Eternal
    We welcome you to enter our
    Elven Tree of Life Eternal
    You will remain in our site and
    have the opportunity to return
    to this home page at any time.

We hope you enjoy printing as many of the "100 Kisses Elfin Money" below as you like
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100 elfin kisses- front of money
100 elfin kisses-back of money  

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