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The Elven Tree of Life Eternal: A Magical Quest for One's True S'Elf

"The Elven Tree of Life Eternal" is set up like a choose your own adventure book for those who wish to undertake the challenge to discover their true magical s'elves. It will help one understand if one is a wyzard or a sorcerer, a healer or a warrior, an elf of wood, snow, hill, ocean, starlight, or a sprite, a faerie, a gnome, a dwarf, a changeling, a dragon, or some other magical folk. If you wonder about your true magical nature, explore the ever-flowering branches of The Tree of Life Eternal.

For about 25 or so years (since the early 90s), we Silver Elves have been gifting elf names in our elven language called Arvyndase to people who write us. But first, before giving out the name, we have always asked people to tell us a little about themselves including whether they feel they are elf, faerie, mermaid, dragon, or what other manner of magical being. We first published a version of The Elven Tree of Life Eternal many years ago on our website (go to our home page and follow the link to the Elven Tree of Life Eternal) to help people look within themselves and decide what they resonated to as a magical being.This book is the same but published in a convenient book form and if you read this book and want an elf name based on what you discover, or already know, please write us.

Also, if you enjoyed The Elven Tree of Life, we suggest you might also enjoy our book Elven Silver, which is a book of short stories with the characters based on the magical beings in The Elven Tree of life and you will find them all there. Enjoy!

This book is dedicated to our elf sister Resandre. who has been so tirelessly supportive of all our efforts to reawaken our elven people and culture.

Thank ever so much, dear Tammy, for writing a review of our books on Amazon and we are happy that you particularly like The Elven Tree of Life Eternal:

“I just wanted to take the time to write a review for these Elves! I have been a fan of their books and letters for many years now.
I don't always agree with everything they write the same as with any authors. But I always come away with something to think about, with a smile, a laugh, and the warm feeling of hanging out with friends for a short while. Their writings have been there in my darkest moments as a light when all other lights go out.
This book I always have in meditation with me as a kind of map. I have several of their books always on the shelf of my bed.”

And we also thank Jujubean for writing on Amazon:

“The book came in two days earlier than amazon anticipated. I recommend the book for those who have asked questions looking for guidance and, at least one of those answers came in the form of an "adventure"; very delightful a
nd very uplifting. I am fully satisfied with my purchase!!”


Introduction 11
The Qabalah 11
Choose Your Own Adventure 11
The Lower Tree 12
The Upper Tree 12
The Only Thing Left To Say… 13

Chapter 1:
It All Begins Here 15

Chapter 2:
Realms of the Earth Plane 19
The Path of the Magician 19
The Path of the Tantrist 22
The Path of the Conjuror 27

Chapter 3:
Realms of Mercury 31
This is the Path of the Wyzard-ress … 31
This is the Path of the Channeler . . . 35
This is the Path of the Warlock . . . 39
This is the Path of the Diviner 43
This is the Path of the Bard 47
This is the Path of the Raj Yogi 52

Chapter 4:
The Realms of Venus 57
The Path of the Enchantress/Enchanter 57
The Path of the Illusionist 63
The Path of the Mesmerist 67
The Path of the Witch 71
The Path of the Shape Shifter 75
The Path of the Herbalist 79

Chapter 5:
The Realms of the Moon 85
The Way of the Mystic 85
The Way of the Shaman 89
The Way of the Healer 93
The Way of the Necromancer 97

Chapter 6:
The Realms of Pluto 103
The Way of the Alchemist 103
The Way of the Magus 107
The Way of the Sorcerer 111
The Way of the Stalker 114

Chapter 7:
Realms of the Sun 119
The Way of the Guru 119
The Way of the Revelationist 123
The Way of the Neuroturgist 126
The Way of the Mage 131
The Way of the Eccentric 135
The Way of the Hatha Yogi 139

Chapter 8:
The Realms of Mars 145
This is the Path of the Ritualist 145
This is the path of the Warrior 148
The Path of the Bruja 152
This is the Path of the Ranger 156
The Thaumaturges 160

Chapter 9:
Realms of Jupiter 163
The Path of the Priestess 163
The Path of the Dharma-ist 166
The Path of the Benefactor 171
The Path of the Master 175
The Theanthropist 179

Chapter 10:
The Realms of the Asteroids 183
The Way of the Visionary 183
The Way of the Sage 186
The Way of the Initiator 190
The Way of the Numenist 194

Chapter 11:
Faerie 197
The Dryads 198
The Water Nymphs 199
Lake Faeries 201
Satyrs 202
The Flower Faeries 204
The Sea Sprites 206
The Wood Nymphs 207
Wolf Folk 209
Little People 210
The Fae or Fe, Fee 212
The Wood Sprites 213
The Deer Folk 214

Chapter 12:
The Nether Realms 217
Gnomes 218
The Mer Folk 219
The Leprechauns 221
Changelings 222
The Dragons 224
The Pookas 225
The Dwarves 227
Pixies 228
The Tuatha De Danaan 230
The Fey 231
Unicorns 233
The Brownies 234

Chapter 13:
Elsewhere 237
Unseelie 238
The Hyperboreans or Faridon 240
The Seelie 241
The Djinn 243
The Gentle Folk 244
The Huldu Folk 246
Aelfar 247
The Dokaelfar 249
The People of Peace 250
The Bean Sidhe (pronounced Ban She) 252
The Shining Folk 253
The Daoine Sidhe 255

Chapter 14:
Elfin 257
The Desert Elves 258
Island Elves 259
The Gypsy Elves 261
The Ocean Elves 262
The Moonlight Elves 264
The River Elves 265
The Hill Elves 267
The High Mountain Elves 268
The Twilight Elves 270
The Snow or Arctic Elves 271
The Starlight Elves 273
The Wood Elves 274

Sophia and the Tree of Life 277

About the Authors 295

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Sample of book from Pages 197-202:




From here you may proceed in three directions.

If you are meditative and contemplative, and love the trees you may wish to visit...
The Dryads, pg. 198.

Or if you prefer the quiet of the lake side...
The Lake Faeries, pg. 201.

Or are you more inclined to private gardens or isolated meadows...
The Flower Faeries, pg. 204.

The Dryads
… who are direct kin to the Wood Nymphs, were born of the third age and were what Tolkien referred to as Ents, which is to say conscious and mobile trees. While they are related to Wood Nymphs, they tend to be more meditative than sexual beings. That is not to say that they are never sexual, or that Wood Nymphs are never meditative, but that this is a basic difference of inclination between them. The Dryads of today, whether in tree form or human form, tend toward serious meditative practice; the human forms often being found in monasteries and meditation centers. Where as, the more evolved Wood Nymphs will be found practicing Tantric Yoga.

What do they meditate upon? They are attempting by example, and the vibrational influence of their being, to create peace and tranquility in the world. Particularly, they wish to soothe the frustrated and restless natures of man. Not by trying to dominate him or compel him, but by the serene influence of the Dryad’s own being, which, like the ocean washing against the shore, gradually erodes the mountainous cliffs of mankind’s obstinacy.

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

From the trees you can continue in one of four directions...

You can relax you the sea and hope to meet somebody cute...
… Water Nymphs, pg. 199

You can gather like-minded folk about you and make plans...
… Wolf Folk, pg. 209.

You can explore our origins to gain greater understanding...
… Fae, pg. 212

You can help others understand that the trees are alive and are people, too...
… Theanthropist, pg. 179.

The Water Nymphs
… share the disposition of the Wood Nymphs, that is they are deeply sensual and sexual beings differing mostly in their chosen locale. The Water Nymphs preferring to habituate coastal areas of the sea, the lakes and rivers, etc. and have a particular fondness for those who ply their trade upon the waters. In other words, they tend to have a thing for navies, merchant marines, surfers and sailors of all sorts. They are often found on islands, and in nearly every port of call.

The cruel and the ignorant might call Water Nymphs sluts, if they are female. The males of the breed face no such prejudice unless, as is the case sometimes, they are gay. Then their sexual inclinations and habits are viewed as perversity. But these are truly loving and kind beings who delight in sharing the magic, ecstasy and healing of sexuality. They are aware that sex can be not only a generative force, but a regenerative power as well. They have been sorely abused over the ages for doing what is, after all, only natural. Could the "gods" have created them incorrectly? Or been mistaken? We think not, and bless our sacred kin for all the love they have shared with us.

Tuck Everlasting starring William Hurt
The Fountain (a bit slow but interesting) starring Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz

Now will you...

Nurture others who are uncertain about their path in life...
Lake Faeries, pg. 201.

Seek a more contemplative spiritual life...
Dryads, pg. 198.

Live a private life of freedom within your own garden...
Flower Faeries, pg. 204.

Or Make it all real in the world...
Numenist, pg. 194.

Lake Faeries
… The Lady of the Lake who gave Excalibur to King Arthur and was the Mother of Lancelot Du Lac (of the lake) was a Lake Faery. Lancelot was of the faery blood, as was Arthur though his mother. This great attempt to weld the fates of man and faerie for the better of all failed the test of endurance, but none the less set an example of what was possible and created a mythos to guide us for the future. The true birth of Camelot is unlikely to occur until the emergence of the sixth root race when the Faerie folk will reemerge fully into the material world. Although, but that time the “material” world will be far less material having being spiritualized by our energetic being.

The Lake Faeries love lakes and bays, and can often be found living near them. They have a fondness for islands on lakes or in bays. Thus San Francisco can report having many of them, but they are also likely to live in Chicago and other lake regions. Some prefer large lakes and others smaller quieter lakes and ponds.

Because of the strong water element in their natures, they tend to be very sensitive and psychic. Some might say they are brooding or moody, but this is rather an indication of the depth of their inner sight. They are ever listening for and to things that others cannot hear. There is most often a quiet grace to these folk, and an air of mystery often surrounds them as though they know secrets at which others could only guess.

Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

You have the psychic ability to influence others... Will you..

Satyrs, pg. 202
Find a lover to influence...
Wood Nymphs, pg. 207.

Do things to help and encourage the little folk...
Little People, pg. 210.



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