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The Path of the Witch

is the way of weaving between the worlds. The Elfin Witches are experts in love and relationship. Unlike most folks who base their love interest upon physical appearance, social status and financial gain the Elfin Witches base their relationship upon much deeper considerations including and particularly an attraction to those with whom they can accomplish great deeds of magic and who, like thems'elves, are devoted to the fulfillment of Dharma. They often act as relationship counselors and ever advise those who come to them to base relationships upon spiritual values and to proceed in their relationships in the same spirit.
The Elfin Witches are amazingly adept at social relations as well. They interact with the general public with an ease and confidence that belies the power that lives behind it. They ever strive to soothe hurt feelings and to repair difficulties between people. Because of this most folk respect them highly, sensing their power and the purity of their intent and cooperate willingly with them instinctive realizing it is to their advantage to do so.

The Elfin Witches are the oil on the hinges of Elfin social life. They ease everything. Their goal is harmony within society and the creative energy and power that stems from that optimized interaction. They are constantly bringing people together not for romance per se but bringing in conjunction those that can help each other, learn from one another, accomplish great deeds together and transform each other's lives for the better. They tend therefore to have a deep understanding of each individual, what they can do, what they are capable of, what they can become. They are great listeners and tend to spend most of their time socially, listening to others and only here and there inserting a few potent and suggestive comments.

The Voice is one of the great powers of the Elfin Witch. They have the ability to speak in tones that resonate within the soul of each individual affecting and directing them without their realizing exacty how it is happening. They use this power sparingly however, as they know that the less said the better in most cases. They choose their words carefully and apply them with potent effect. They are never gibberers, nor participate in casual gossip and chit chat unless their purpose is fulfilled in doing so, for their language and communications are always purposeful and guided by unbending will and intention. Yet that purpose is never personal gain for the Elfin Wicca take a vow to devote their lives to helping and fulfilling others.

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Myristica Fragrans
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The Challenge: the question is?

Do you strive to ease social relationships? Do you seek to help people understand each other, to treat each other fairly and to soothe hurt feelings and feelings of alienation? Or do you try to profit from the discontent between people... even promote it? The Elfin Witch ever seeks to heal our kindred, to bring us together, even at the expense of their own ego and sense of s'elf importance.

Can you accept the blame even when it's not your fault? Can you act the fool to save another's feelings and "face"? Can you greet another with good cheer even when things are not altogether cheery? Can you listen? Most of all, can you listen while others chat away?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Heal relationships between people. Help them to understand each other and to get along or at least part amicably. And most of all listen.

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There are six paths that lead from here.

You have learned to combine your power with others for greater effect. Do you now...
jupiter to network with larger groups?
The path to Jupiter which is the path of the Priest-ess
sun ...go public to help influence others and promote your beliefs?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Revelationist
mercury for guidance and direction from the divine?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Diviner
pluto ...try to help and influence the course of the world on the unseen planes of being?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Magus
moon ...endeavor to make your group as strong and perfected as you can?
The path to the Moon which is the path of the Healer
earth ...use that power to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of nature?
And the path back to the earth which is the path of Tantrist












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