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The Way of the Magus
is the effort to reshape the world through the astral and etheric planes. The Magus is a major figure in the overall etheric web of the magic of Faerie/Elfin. The Elfin Magi help set the theme and tone of any current age and introduces new elements and directions. In a sense the magus is a trendsetter and while no elf is required to follow their lead the magus is most often the individual who introduces the right idea at the right time.

It is from the Magi at the beginning of each Age that the energy from the Divine is tranfered into the heart of the people and the etheric web of vibrational Elfin. Each elf who actively aids this endeavor is on the path of the Magi and will in the process of time rise to the place where they will be the major influence of a cultural age and in time a major aeon.

The Magus is a very high level magician who helps create the basic archetypes and cultural symbols that influence vast numbers of individual lives. A magician might help one or two individuals come together in a loving relationship... the magus helps define what a loving relationship is and often is a partner in a relationship that is viewed as ideal. The Magi live the values they espouse... they are an embodiment of those virtues and aspirations.

Because of the evolutionary directive of our souls, the Elfin Magi are continually urging and encouraging us toward greater awareness and expanded consciousness but in particular they help us to absorb and master those powers which are the next step in the evolution of any particular species. Just as we first teach babies to crawl then walk, just as we learn simple math before algebra, so too are there steps that help us master the Keys of the Universe and the Elfin Magus is our special guide toward specific arcana that are being revealed to us at the point in which we, as a people, are ready for them.

It is true there are always individuals who are advanced beyond a particular age... just as there are ever those who are still working on values that the majority incarnate have mastered. Still what the Magi reveal to us is ever a significant shift for the great wave of evolving life and this knowledge is intended to help increase our ability to manifest effectively both as individuals and a people.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Tiger's Eye
Magical Herb:
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Magical Archetype:

The Challenge: the question is?

Few indeed and rare are those who tread the upper reaches of this path. Yet any who so desire can join in the great work of this path by creating their own style and fulfilling their individual nature in harmony with others. Is this you?

Some might think that we assist the Elfin Magus by imitating hir exactly but the power of the Elfin Magus is not expressed through rules but via principles and guidelines. Some may think that our individuality is rejection of others and their ways but in truth it is our elfin group consciousness and psychic interlink that enables us to be free to pursue our own directions. Our uniqueness is supported by Elfin social culture and we are encouraged always to find new pathways to greater success. Are you secure enough to be yours'elf? Then you will surely influence others.

The Magical Act: what to do.

If you've reached this level of initiation you don't need these wee elves to give you hints about the direction to go in. We're looking to you for inspiration.

Suggested Reading:
The Game of Life
by Timothy Leary

There are four paths that lead from here.

You have reached a level of development where you can now initiate others. Do you...

sun ...lead by example and wait for others to seek you out?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Neuromancer
mercury out those who seem ready?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Warlock
venus ...initiate those you love and are close to?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Witch
moon ....wait for a clear sign from the spirit to signify those who are chosen?
And the path back to the Moon which is the path of Necromancer

Of if you've gone around and around and have no idea where you're bound, have no fear the elves are here and you... can always begin again.


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