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the the way of the tantrist

The Path of the Tantrist

You've returned to the Earth but little's the same
yet starting again all you've done still remains
this is the path of loving embrace
Divine in the flesh
the Gods face to face.

The Elfin Tantrists are adepts of sensual realization, the awareness and enlightenment of the body and the somatic nature. Their art is the arousal and continuity of the ecstatic sexual energy which can be channeled toward creative inspiration, spiritual illumination and sheer joy, pleasure and happiness. They achieve this by awakening the primal kundalini fire through sexual activity which is purposely sustained rather than dissipated.

This sensual interaction is broader than the contact between sexual partners however; it is also a basic approach to life and experience as a pleasurable physical sensation. Eating, touching, sleeping, dreaming, even carrying out one's daily chores hold the potential for ecstatic and blissfilled interaction. Each conversation, every sight when preceived in the proper fashion has the potential for arousal and the joyous thrill of the "turn on" of being alive.

This vibrancy that comes from the Elfin Tantrist affects all the aspects of their lives and those they meet. They are exciting to be around and the combination of heightened sexual arousal combined with an easy and relaxed yet controlled approach to things makes the tantrist extremely attractive.

This arousing and storing up of energy gives the Tantrist tremendous power, not only to subtly affect and influence others without their realizing how it is happening but also for the accomplishment of feats of great magic. These are the true practitioners of Sex Magic.

The ultimate ambition for the Elfin Tantrist is union with the Divine. They are, in their view, making love to the Divine as manifested in their partners. For there is something truly Divine about a person who is radiant with loving sexual energy. They are illuminated from within and the contact of two or more of such illuminated beings creates a powerful magical aura in which Elfin can manifest.

And as Elfin manifests, more and more individuals begin to realize the potentialities of loving relationships in a safe, secure, supportive and mutually fulfilling environment. Truly the elves are lovers one and all, lovers of life, lovers with each other and lovers of love. To be touched by the elfin is to be healed, to be awakened to our inner natures and the truth of our elfin souls. Thus the elfin commonly speak of soulmates and soul bonding, for our love is not exclusively physical nor perhaps even primarily so but is an interaction that takes place on all levels of our being and this totally aroused awareness is the goal and the accomplishment of the Elfin Tantrist.

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The Challenge: the question is?

If you think this path is about getting laid... you're right! But if you are too high and spiritual to be interested in sex then... why don't we take our clothes off and talk about it for awhile? The path of the Elfin Tantrist is considered among the elfin to be one of the most sacred of paths... nothing less than making love to the Divine... which IS. And finding that in everyone and uniting with those willing. For magic is ever an act of will. To love purposely with true intect and yet not to scheme and labor and strain but show the greater strength in patience and proceed slowly so it will endure. You have such beautiful eyes filled with starlight and magic and wonderous possibility. Touch awakens. Lost in dreams, trapped in nightmares. Touch awakens. Are you ready to awaken? No need, no hurry. Sleep, Dream, never fear, we're sprinkling feary dust upon you to keep you safe till dawn.

The Magical Act: what to do.

In all your interactions realize you are dealing with the Divine... make love with the Divine. Flirt with the Divine. Seek to prolong the ecstatic experience so that it washes over every moment of your life invigorating you.

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As before your choices are three you can go where you've been and do better this time or try something new and continue your climb.

You have become an expert in Tantric or Sexual Yoga. Do you...
seek an intellectual understanding of tantra, reading books to become fully versed on the subject so that you will be able to teach and/or lecture on the subject?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Wyzard/Wyzardress
use your new knowledge to attract partners?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Enchantress/Enchantor
use this awareness to become more attuned within yours'elf and elevate your personal energy level?
And the path to the Moon which is the path of the Mystic









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