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The Way of the Revelationist

is the reveler and the revealer. Unlike the visionaries who often use their creative and imaginative faculties to project into the future possibilites and directions for our elfin peoples, the revelationist seeks illumination from the netherrealms and is principally receptive in contrast to the basically active disposition of our visionaries.

The means the revelationists use to obtain those revelations are various. Many use drumming and rhythmic dance and ecstatic trance induction. Others seek the aid of the plant kingdom and the wisdom that is offered there. Some use periods of fasting and abstinence while others follow the path of intoxication. Whatever means they use their intention is to go beyond the boundries and limitations of the body and the mind to contact the wisdom of nature and the soul. What distinguishes the Elfin Revelationist is their openness to whatever the Divine offers them.

To prepare for these revelations however, the elves most often have to progress through a period of purification and cleansing so that the transmission they receive will not be obstructed by personal desires or preconceptions. When the process of purification has achieved its purpose then the Revels begin. For the elfin, revelation most often is a result of the ecstatic communion of Divine Spirit and human flesh.

And revelation can also be found in the simplest every day endeavors and what would seem to most folk to be but casual and ordinary encounter. For the Elfin Revelationist sees into the heart of things, finding meaning where others find only the drone of their continual worries, schemes and devices. And from these wee revalations come joy immeasurable and guidance mysterious. This is in many ways the greatest of revelations, the path of joy and happiness that leads to and simultaneously is Elfin is not born of a sudden awakening but a gradual relaxation.

As we become increasingly attuned to our inner natures and thus by way of that nature in its relation to vaster Nature, we gain a wider and broader understanding of the interconnectedness of the all of life. Our knowledge becomes intuitive and direct and our vision vast. The Elfin Revelationist lives their life in constant pursuit of the attainment of that unfolding realization which brings bliss in progressively deepening waves.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Magical Herb:
Anandenanthera Peregrina
Magical Tool:
Sacred Tree:
Magical Archetype:

The Challenge: the question is?

Would you like to know a secret? Elfin shimmers all about us. Can you see it? Can you see that everything is radiating, pulsating light? The trees glow, the sky is light, even the sidewalk sparkles irridescently.

Have you a question? The Signs are everywhere to be seen and heard. You need but ask and Elfin will respond in the speech of those around you even though they believe they speak of other things. Look carefully. Follow the flight of the birds. See to the direction the wind blows. The truth is revealed in all things when we truly seek the answers.

So the questions is: Do you truly wish to know? Is the truth important to you? Do you honestly want to understand? If so, Elfin will respond.

The Magical Act: what to do.

Seek the truth behind the appearance of things. What we know is so small compared to what is to be known. Explore the nether reaches and bring back the truth. Although, in truth, few will believe you, you will at least be planting a seed that will in time grow and flourish. For the truth is supported by nature and the false abhorred by reality.

Suggested Reading:
The Crock of Gold
by James Stephens

There are six paths that lead from here.

You have obtained the secret power of Bliss. Will you...

...go on a mission to spread the joy far and wide?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Warrior
...use this power to design a better future?
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Visionary
...utilize this talent to transfrom your life?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Shapeshifter
...track down the true source of bliss?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Stalker
...sing songs of joy and fulfillment?
The path to the Mercury which is the path of the Bard
...follow where your bliss leads?
And the path to Jupiter which is the path of Dharmaist
















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