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There are those who say that the gnomes originated from the crossbreeding of elves and dwarves. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the dwarves (despite what Tolkien wrote) are another form of elf often called Dwarrow Elves or Barrow Elves and are related to Hill Elves and Huldu Folk and came from a cross between elves and gnomes. The truth is, it doesn't matter. The fact is, we don't care. Let the gnomes and dwarves decide for thems'elves and that will be good enough for us.

We have lived with a number of gnomes and, in fact, find them similar to the Dwarven. They seem to share a fondness for "brew" whereas the elfin when they do imbibe tend more toward wine, particularly champagne and liquors. Where as, wyzards of all breeds tend to scotch, bourbon, brandy, etc. Gnomes share, with wyzards, a fondness for the cultivated weed for its relaxing, healing and visionary characteristics.

They do tend to be on the short side. Which is not to say all gnomes are small but the ones we have met are and what can we share with you but the knowledge born of our own experience?

Four ways there are to go...
Out to sea and deep into your psyche...
Perhaps a little wild... just a little...
To the place where the sages reside..

Or back to the world, if you are ready to recognize the other in others...

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