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We love the Pixies. We've always loved the Pixies. Even when they get a bit mischievous, they do it with such charm and panache that we can't help but laugh and admire them. They are a variety of elf by all accounts and we elfin are pleased to admit that it is true. They are related to Sprites both wood and water and air, by virtue of their sparkling personalities and energetic behavior. These are the individuals most likely to be involved with "monkey wrenching"... that is obstructing loggers and others out to destroy the forest by damaging their equipment. They are also the sort that liberate animals from reseach laboratories and kidnap abused dogs from their cruel owners.
Because of their exuberant style, they can also be found often in public relations and entertainment industries. For wherever you find them, they will bring a bit of joy and excitement to what's going on. They are also very sports oriented, particularly individual sports that have a bit of danger involved... such as skiing, snowboarding, surfing, race car driving, rock climbing or anything where there is a chance you can get killed by doing it... or at least break an arm or leg. They love to challenge fate and give death "the finger".

From here four trails proceed...
Are you feeling more and more like you might be other of some kind?
Do you like to work with metal?
Do wish to know more of the 3rd race?
Tuatha De Danaan
Or do you think you can make a difference in the world?
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