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The Mer Folk, of which we here speak, include Mermen, Mermaids and the Selkies, those elven shape shifters who were reputed to be able to turn thems'elves into seals. They were born of the third age when diversity was rampant and forms forgotten roamed the earth. They are, of course, enamoured of the sea and the unbridled freedom it offers them.

In time many of them evolved into the porpoises, dolphins and manatee, while others gave up the life within the sea for humanoid form. These generally still live near the sea or work upon it and when they do not, they suffer an incredible longing that is never quenched except by the sight and smell of the ocean.
Modern Mer Folk and Selkies are often involved in scuba diving, wearing their seal skins (wet suits) while they are in the sea and shedding them as ancient tales foretold when they come upon dry land. However, even on dry land, they are like the ocean itself, deeply influenced by the cycles of the moon.

It is said that a great number of these folk came here from another star system in which their planet was a huge ocean. These, who are called Oaneyns (oh - a - knee - ins) are frequently popeyed or ever wide eyed individuals who are natural swimmers and often just seem to float without effort.

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