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The Theanthropist is the Divine manifest in physical form... the "God-Man or Goddess-Elf". To be a Theanthropist is to be or recognize the Divine manifest within a living human (or not) being.
There are certain individuals who are so advanced that they are a blessing to all who encounter them. Most often these folks are not even aware of how divine they are. They are not recognized by what they say about thems'elves but by their actions. The way they treat and affect other people.

To aspire to be a Theanthropist is to put all one's will and energy toward helping and inspiring others. This is not an aspiration toward dominance or power over others but dominance and power over ones'elf. It is not about s'elf importance but the significance of others that are healed and helped by the Theanthropist's presence.

There is also the Theanthropist who is not thems'elves the direct manifestation of the divine but rather sees and recognizes and encourages this quality in others. Seeing in others divine qualities and abilities that they have failed to realize about their nature. That is magic indeed.


The Challenge: the question is?

Are you able to manifest the Divine within yours'elf? Are you so developed that others consider you a blessing to their lives? Unfortunately, most who would answer yes to this question are not even close. Still, the aspiration is appreciated. What is missing most often is the effort. Are you ready to make an neverending effort to improve yours'elf and help all others do the same? That's the question.


The Magical Act: what to do.

Look for the Divine in others. Find people who are advanced in their lives and dealings and treat them as the Divine beings they are. Recognise the Divine aspects that exist in potential in all people and do your utmost to help them develop those qualities.



There are four ways you can go from here.

You have obtained the power to see the Divine in the world. How will you use that power? Will you....

asteroids ... live you life to be an silent example for others?
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Sage
sun ...will you create works that are truly Divine?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Mage
venus the nutritional elements that will help us understand our Divinity?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Herbalist
mars ...take action to make the world a better place for all?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Ranger











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