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Many folks think of the Aelfar as being the "Gods" of the elven and in comparison to us their powers are truly godlike. It is they who put forth the energy that created us in a practical sense. That is they who were the architechs and designers of our being. And it is they who united our life force with the spark of intelligence and revealed to us many things concerning art, magic and the powers of the universe. In other words they were the source of our enlightenment and uplifted us from thoughtless impulses of nature to the mindful and soul aware co-creators that we are ever becoming.

For the most part, the Aelfar have moved on. Their work here has been completed in the sense that they have planted the seed and left it for others to cultivate. Most of them have evolved into Starlight Elves, while others who were once Dokaelfar have evolved into Aelfar doing now on other planetary systems what the Aelfar did here. Some on us are destined to be Aelfar some day but that will be entire cycles of manifestation yet to come and so far from now it barely bears mentioning... though it is true.

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