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The Djinn are desert spirits of an etheric nature. That is their physical bodies are etheric energy and they do not have solid physical bodies as the Desert Elves do. Although, it is true that they can temporarily compose a physical form if need be, still their essential body is etheric, that is, energy in the form of gas, heat and sometimes, air or congealed sand, rather than pliable flesh.

In popular fiction, these are the "genies" that grant people wishes. They can range in nature from the simple but powerful elementals and the impish daemonic to the more sublime spirits, of whom we are speaking here. They are equivalent in their own region to the Daoine Sidhe of the Irish. As legend informs us they have the power to grant wishes but it is useless to try to compell them to do so. As in the stories, if one binds them against their will and forces them to use their magic, it will eventually rebound to the doom of the magician. They can be bargained with, yet they are most noted for bringing luck and grace to those who need and deserve it. So the essential thing in dealing with the Djinn, is to develop a relationship with them and make ones'elf worthy of their attention.

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