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The Shining Folk were the first souls to respond to the influence of the Aelfar and Dokaelfar. That is they were the first souls to gain the spark of s'elf awareness which is intelligence and spirit. Thus they are accorded as being the oldest souls born of the earth cycle. They became the first root race and were luminous beings of light, heat and gas. They evolved into the Faridon, the more jelly like version of themselves.

The Shining Folk were without sexual diffentiation. They were truly nonsexual and reproduced, if you wish to call it that, by illuminating other things in the same way, more or less, that fire spreads.

These were powerful beings however because they were newly s'elf aware they had no individual creative impulses. There were truly aspects of nature, doing what came natural to them which was to shine. With the inception of s'elf awareness and primitive thought, they also began to participate in their own evolution. It is the Shining Folk along with the advanced Sidhe who became... us. Although some are of such and advanced nature that they have become what the Aelfar once were... the guardians, prophets and masters of the evolutionary earth.

The light shines forth and all's renewed. Three ways there are to be pursued.
You can seek to integrate your elfin life with
that of the modern world...
Bean Sidhe
You can join a community of elfin dedicated
to creating an elfin lifestyle
separate from the world...
Huldu Folk
You can live you life as an elf and gather others to you...
Daoine Sidhe
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