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The Dokaelfar or the Dark Elves are seen in various modes. Sometimes they are confused with the lower orders of the Unseelie or the parasitic and vampiric hordes of the dark magics. But that is not what we speak of here. The true Dokaelfar were the ones who voluntarily descended into the material realms responding to the creative impulses of the Aelfar. They were the more materialized versions of the Aelfar, thus darker since matter creates shadows and is more solid, thus dark. This was a great sacrifice for these beings and we owe them emonous thanks.

It is sometimes said that there was a conflict between the Aelfar and Dokaelfar, just as it is often written that there is a continual conflict between the Seelie and Unseelie. However, this is a simplistic and anthropormorphized envisioning of the situation. The "conflict" between the Aelfar and the Dokaelfar was the discrepancy between the "ideals" that the Aelfar sought to bring into manifestation and the practical reality of making that happen. For instance, let's say the design for a building requires 5,000 nails. However, the practicality is that 500 more nails will be needed because during construction nails will become bent, lost and unusuable. Because the material world is "thicker" and "slower", it is less receptive to the power of instantaneous magics. This fact is to protect us from our own uncontrolled impulses as we learn about and develop the powers of thought and will. However, it also means that things don't always turn out the way we plan, or at least not immediately and this is the "conflict" that ever occurs between strategy (the realm of the Aelfar) and tactics (the province of the Dokaelfar).

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