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The Way of the Necromancer

is the pathway into the underworlds of the dead. The necromancer deals with the spirits that are not currently incarnate on the earth. They communicate with and receive information both from the shards of those who have passed over, that is they can contact the energetic residue of previously embodied beings; but, they can also contact those disincarnate yet conscious beings who are not currently inhabiting human bodies.

Thus the Elfin Necromancer can give us insight into the past and help reveal those things that seemed lost to history. However, it is important to understand that simply because one contacts the shard of the past doesn't mean that those shards are any more honest nor is their memory any more accurate or their perceptions less biased than when they were alive.

Often and perhpas most importantly the Elfin Necromancer can help those who have passed over in their transitional states as they evolve in the after material life. So too, does the Elfin Necromancer help those who are drawing near to death or are in the process of dying to find their way through the various Bardo States that the newly freed often confront. Thus the Elfin Book of Life Eternal or the Elven Book of the Dead as it might be known among men comes under the provence of and is a practical guide for the Elfin Necromancer. Therefore, it would not be unusual for Elfin Necromancers to work in the mundane world in graveyards, funeral homes or hospices.

Some might think this a ghoulish advocation but the Elfin Necromancers are far from ghoulish or even somber. They bring light and hope to those in the midst of what is often a frightening and difficult transition. They soothe the fearful and remind us of the connectedness and continuity of the Life process. They remind us that Death is not the opposite of Life but a transformational process within it.

Often called the Angels of Death the Elfin Necromancers attend the dying with a gentleness, love and kindness that eases their passage into those more subtle planes and makes their final days in physical manifestation comfortable and filled with hope. They are truly the torch that lights the way into the dark and unknown.

While most people look upon death as an ending, the Elfin Necromancers view it as a new beginning, literally a birth into the Life of the Soul for which the physical plane has been but the womb.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
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Magical Tool:
Ouiji Board
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The Challenge: the question is?

Are you sure you wish to know about the past? Sometimes it's better just to leave it be. Mankind tends to rewrite history to make himself seem more important by making his ancestors more courageous and perfected than they really were and we Elfin, also, have a strong tendency to idealize our past. There are numerous elves ever wishing to return to a time when life was grand for us and we were powerful magical people. The problem with this is that it didn't last. Oh, we tend to blame the coming of man for this or dark evil forces but in the end we must face the fact that we simply were not powerful enough to keep that world vibrant. If we don't fact that fact and assume responsiblity for things going wrong, do you think those who have chosen to be our enemies will? Are you sure you want to know the truth?

One of the main tools of the Elfin Necromancer is the ouija board. Are you mature enough to use one? In most cases, there is always someone manipulating the board to make something happen. In all too many cases people call up some demonic force, scare thems'elves senseless and never go near a ouija board again. Are you sure you're mature enough to use one? Oh, we've had people brag to us about how great they were once with the board but the only people we've ever really observed use one with true efficiency and accuracy was the Elf Queen's Daughters of long ago and they were major magicians and occultists.

Finally, are you ready to face death? Not just your own but the fact of death... to be surrounded with it? That is often what this path requires. Are you up to that?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Commune with the dead and the dying. Ease their way. Use the ouija board without scaring yours'elf or others. Contact those more enlightened beings who reside on other planes.

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The Tibetan Book of the Dead

There are four paths that lead from here.

You understand that history tends to repeat itself and have gained access to the knowledge and wisdom of everyone who has ever lived. Will you...

pluto ...spend you time communing and learning from the dead to increase your own understanding and wisdom?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Sorcerer
mercury ...let the dead speak through you to help and guide others?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Channeler
venus ...learn the ways by which you may subtly influence others without their realizing it's happening?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Mesmerist
earth ...learn the secrets by which you can be more successful in the material realm?
And the path back to the earth which is the path of Conjuror

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