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This is the path of the Channeler

the path of those who commune with the spirits on the other side and serve as their voice. Channeler is another term for medium and is an individual who allows a spirit or spirits to speak through them, temporarily going into a trance and invoking a disincarnate personality or a being of another dimension. In a sense they are a sort of psychic radio receiver.

The Elven channeler connects with the elves who abide in elfin realms beyond this world. Unlike many worldly mediums the elven channeler must be a person of advanced spiritual character and development. These have endeavored with great effort to clarify thems'elves and make their being a fitting vessel for the influx of Spirit. And unlike the typical medium who often loses conscious awareness when they channel.... the Elven Channeler, rather like a person in modern hypnosis, is always conscious and aware of what is being channeled through them. They are never possessed in the fashion that some mediums are. The Elfin Channeler has chosen to be the "messenger", so to speak, delivering a message that does not originate from their own being or consciousness.

The result of this is not only beneficial for those for whom the transmission is intended, but the mere fact that this 'higher' energy passes through the channeler helps "elfinize" them. The elf who channels is in a fashion sanctified...if, indeed, the word sanctify could be used in regard to the elfin. Thus we've chosen 'elfinize' or perhaps 'magicize'... made more elfin and more magical and majestic. They have that enriched or refined energy passing through them and it is this reason they must be prepared and are at the same time uplifted by the process. It is rather like weight lifting. One must have a certain amount of strength to lift the weights and by lifting gradually grows stronger so they can eventually lift more.

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Oracle of Delphi

The Challenge: the questions is?

Being a channel for the Divine requires a purity of spirit and an ability to allow the Divine to speak through you that few possess. There are many who imitate the channelers, who pretend to channel while they are really speaking their own opinions or channeling their own subconscious. Are you developed to the point where you can truly let the Divine manifest? If you say yes, then you are probably not. If you are uncertain, your modesty impresses us and you are probably ready. For certainly modesty is a vital ingredient for the true elfin channeler.

To channel Elfin is to let the magic of Faerie wash over your life and touch every part of your being and yet it is not possession, you are not surrending or giving up yours'elf but rather being at such oneness with Elfin and at peace with one's s'elf that you are united yet whole. Therefore, we must ask you, are you truly at peace? A good check, if you feel drained after channeling, something is amiss. The true Elfin Channeler is energized by their contact with Elfin. Are you?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Clear yours'elf. Rid your mind of prejudices and preconceptions. Calm your feelings. Open yours'elf to the magical vibration of Faerie and Elfin and allow it to speak through you.

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Six ways to go from here are found

You have become a clear channel for the Ancient Sages of Elfin. Do you...

...create techniques that others can use to contact them?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Ritualist
...let them speak through you to guide and instruct others?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Guru
...disguise their wisdom in fantasy and faerie tales?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Illusionist
venus knowledge of how to transform your consciousness?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Alchemist
...speak to others through their dreams?
The path to the Moon which is the path of the Shaman
...use their wisdom to become a greater success in the world?
And the path back to the earth which is the path of Magician-ess














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