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The Path of the Conjuror

Back to the Beginning?
Oh, no, my friend
You're deeper in the forest than ever
But then, wherever you are
Wherever you've been
You're always here now
And can start Again.

Just as the channeler brings the message, the knowledge and the wisdom of elfin into physical world, so does the Elfin Conjuror manifest the spirit in matter, bringing about the materialization of real things and events. The Elven Conjuror realigns the structure of the mental and astral planes, creating thought forms and energizing them with feeling and emotion until the material world which is born of these higher and more subtle planes, conforms to their new design.

The process, however, is most often not instantaneous but occurs in incremental changes. Just as a spirit might be called into a magic triangle and slowly coalesce a body for itself of smoke or mist, so does the conjuror's work proceed gradually as they sculpt matter and circumstance with the power of their wish or intent.

The elfish conjuror is particularly dedicated to helping Elfin manifest, that is to actualize Elfin upon the physical plane, increasing the union or marriage that already exists and connects the various planes of being from the gross to the most subtle. That this process has been going on for aeons is obvious and clear to the elves. In each millenia, each century, in every age and society we have been slowly but surely sowing the seeds of Elfin culture and consciousness, conjuring up the mists of Faerie, the radiance of Elfin and the Eldritch Power that will turn our dreams into Reality.

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Magical Element:
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Magical Archetype:
Math ab Mathonwy

The Challenge: the question is?

How long can you hold a thought? There are many who come to this path amused and enchanted for a spell but soon to wander off and just as quickly to forget that they ever sojourned among the Elfin and they will have left not a mark nor a sign to signify they were ever here... although we elfin will hold them in our hearts and minds still long after they have passed from among us. Eventually, they shall return, wiser hopefully for all they have experienced and endured. We never forget our kindred. We whisper your names on rainy nights when the moon glow is disfused by the clouds and a gentle breeze carries the raindrops crossways and then moves on to murmur our incantations in your dreams and bring you visions of frasority and kindred. We are the Elfin Conjurors. Are you one of us?

The Magical Act: what to do

Visualize an Elfin People. Hold the vision. Clarify it... that is give it substance and detail. What would it mean to have Elfin Manifest upon the Earth in real and practical terms? Hold the vision. Empower it with will, intent and your inner being. Do this regularly until you can achieve this vision fully, easily and in its entirety... then let it go to seek its realization in reality.

Suggested Reading:
A Treatise on While Magic
by Alice A. Bailey

As before your choices are three you can relive the past though nothing's the same or look to the future and forge on again.

You now have the power to alter the world and the people in it. What will you do first?

Change the way people think, modifying their prejudices and mental concepts?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Wyzard/Wyzardress
Alter the way people look, their physical appearance?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Enchantress/Enchantor
Shift the way they feel?
And the path to the Moon which is the path of the Mystic








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