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The Path of the Enchantress/Enchantor

is the way of the artist, the romantic... it is the path of feeling and emotion. It stirs the soul. It arouses you. Mata Hari tread this path as did Marilyn Monroe. So, too, Picasso, Van Gogh and Gougan. The Vampire Lestat would be here as well. It is the path of the musician, particularly the instrumentalist. It is atmospheric, it is the magic of ambience of shade and hue and tone.

Enchantment is at the very heart of Elfin magic. It is the key to Elfin and the Way of the Elves. The term Enchantor comes from the word chant, which indicates the rhythmic interaction of a sound that intrigues and captivates, which is hypnotic and entrancing yet thrilling and enlivening at the same time. The enchanted are not dominated nor zombified as one might think of the hypnotic process but rather aroused and sweep away by the awakening of feelings and possibilities long dormant.

The enchantors may do this in numerous ways, by the use of their voice, by music, by their dress and costume. There is a connotation of the sensual and erotic to the word enchantress and it is true that the Elfin are a very sensual and erotic folk. But it is ever an eroticism mingled with the soulful and mysterious aspect of the Divine. For Elfin is a bit of paradise, heaven alive on Earth and the Elfin Enchantors arouse that sense of divine magic within our hearts whispering promises of the return of ectasy and love perpetually desired and when absent forever missed.

Those who would follow the path of the enchantors (male and female) thus concentrate on making whatever we do interesting and captivating. The very best way to do this is from the inside out... that is to be interested in everything that we do. We have fun, enjoy, as much as possible, whatever activity we undertake and thereby create the atmosphere of excitement and possibility from which enchantment is born. We "chant" by repeating the process continually... that is we are ever interested or pursuing our interests. We are seldom bored because when we get bored we go elsewhere, pursuing new interests and activities.

This magic of intentional motion creates a rhymic hum in the fabric of Time/Space which resonates attracting to us everything wonderous and enchanting. Thus the path of the Enchantors, like all Elven Paths, is spiraling upward, perpetually feeding itself through expansion based on ever increasing contact, union and awareness.

By harmonizing with others, the enchantors create a resonance between them and the other that draws the individual into the magic field of vibratory power that is Living Faerie. By setting their tone in such a way that it harmonizes both with Nature and the individual's nature, those who encounter the enchantress are lead gradually into Elfin just as the Pied Piper lead the children to our magical realm in the mountains of wonder.

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Magical Element:
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The Challenge: the question is?

How do you feel about yours'elf? How do you feel about your body? Do you consider yours'elf attractive? If not, what can you do to improve yours'elf, your looks, your personality? To fulfill this path you must really embrace yours'elf. If you have negative feelings about your appearance is this due to real things that can be transformed... such as losing weight, if that bothers you, or are these merely tapes from normal society telling you you need to fit in with their idea of perfection.

And if you are attractive, know yours'elf to be beautiful, how do you use that power? Do you use it to manipulate people to your own ends or do you, like the Elfin Enchantress, use this power to heal others and to fulfill our elfin dharma. Mostly do you help others feel good about thems'elves and how they look? Do you use your power to instill confidence in our kindred?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Be charming. Be Beautiful. Be intriguing and mysterious in all that you do without even trying. Create beautiful art, make your home a place of elegance and mystery. Decorate yours'elf and your life in such a way that the grace of Elfin permeates the atmosphere surrounding you.

Suggested Viewing:
The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
starring William Powell

The rythym of raindrops
Heard through the leaves
Stronger of sudden
Awakening me
My eyes in the darkness peering about
Perceive a faint glow
Startled...I Shout
A light growing stronger
A shape clear to see
Eyes that are golden
Settle on me

Charms and spells like teardrops fell
With every glance she gave
And dancing 'bout
They cut ropes stout
That held me as their slave.
Bounding, gleefilled, spinning now
I pause for her embrace
Her hand like feathered joy
Descends upon my face
Says she, “You're free
To come or go
And do just as you please
But one request I beg of you”
She falls now to her knees.
“Others still are waiting
as you have been are bound
Will you help me free them
To hear our joyous sound?”
So now I'm one of many
A motley mob are we
Who dance and sing and play and love
As longing we set free.

There are six paths that lead from here.

You have Mastered the ability to charm others. How will you use this power?

jupiter Do you feel motivated to help and guide others?
The path to Jupiter which is the path of the Priest-ess
sun Do you feel the Truth lives within and you are seeking it there?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Revelationist
mercury Do you feel the Truth resides without and you must reach beyond your own preceptions?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Diviner
pluto Do you use your feelings as a source of power to affect and change your environment?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Magus
moon Do you seek Harmony and wish to create soothing and healing vibrations wherever you go?
The path to the Moon which is the path of the Healer
earth Do your feelings help you feel connected to the Earth and Nature and you desire to revel in its sensual potentualities?
And the path back to the earth which is the path of Tantrist





















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