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(In Alphabetical Order)



ale yes a - lee
an from ain (rhymes with pain
atentyl so long as a - teen - till
ba do - does bah
bain did - done bah - in
bam too (too much) bame (rhymes with tame)
basar about bay - sayr
bil too (also) bile
boro even bore - row
corval make out (discern) core - vale
da is & are dah
dater magus day - tier
dij that dye-j 
dilno so far dial - no
dosh such doe-sh
el I - me eel
el'na my - mine eel - nah
elda elf L - dah
eldali elves L - dah - lie
eldat elfin L - date
eldata elven L - day - ta
eldatu elfish L - day - two
eldatudar elfishness L - day two - dar
eldatur elfhood L - dah - tour
elde mage l - dee
eldo magi l - doe
eldon magic l - doan (rhymes with phone, tone, etc.)
eldonla magically (literally magicly) l - doan - lah
eldonloa magicology l - doan - low - ah
eldonlor magician l - doan - lore
eldonvar magical l - doan - vayr
eli we - us e - lie
eli-na our - ours e - lie - nah
elto language eel - toe
ena with e - nah
enakon without (withnot) e - nah - cone
ern where ear-n
ernvari wherever ear-n - vayr - rye
feas love (for objects) fee - ace
feln love (special feeling elves have for other elves) feel-n
fro for fro
gos on (movement) gos (like ghost without the "t")
hae he - him hay
hae'na his hay - nah
hern thus hear-n
ina some eye - nah
inton with it (hip - cool, etc.) in - tone
jae who jay
jae'na whose jay - nah
jaja even (as opposed to odd) jah - jah
jalar love (divine) jah - lair
jan here jan
kae hir - sHe kay
kae'na hirs kay - nah
kana but kay - nah
kon no & not cone
koneldae ignoble cone - L - day
kongrijvar illegal cone - gryj - vayr
konkomyr immobile cone - co - mer
konmanetarey illiterate cone - mah - ne - tah - ray
konnalur immature cone - nah - lure
konrego inconstant cone - re - go
konyendur incorrect cone - yeen (rhymes with keen) - dur (as in endure)
kord make cord
kyela love (romantic) key - L - lah
kyelali loves (pural noun) key - L - lah - lie
kyelalu loves (verb) key - L - lah - lou
la by lah
laka after lah - kah
larn fore lair-n
le you lee
le'na your lee - nah
lefa very lee - fah
mol word mole
molli words mole - lie
na a & an nah
nar and nair
nas when nayce
nata so-so nay - tah
nawe also nay - wee
nef if knee-f (like knife with a long "e" instead of an "I"
nolorda by the way no - lore - dah
norn there norn
nornarn therefore norn - air-n
nornbasar thereabouts norn - bay - sayr
nornena therewith norn - e - nah
nornlaka thereafter norn - lah - kay
nornver therein norn - veer
os own oh-ss
osfa owner oh-ss - fah
osmar (literally ownship) ownership oh-ss - mare 
oso word (final or last word) oh - so
po how poe
poso however poe - so
povari however poe - vayr - rye
re so ree
rep up reap
repton upon reap - tone
rynt love (used to speak of the concept of love overall) rent
sa or sah
soflor of course sof (as in sofa without the "a") - lore
tae the tey
tam they - them tame
tam'na their - theirs tam - nah
tat as tate
te be tea
tedas being tea - dace
tein been tea - in
ter it tier 
ter'na it's tier - nah
tir have & has tire
tirdas having tire - dace
tirin had tire - in
ton on tone
u of you
va to vah
vae she - her vay
vae'na her (possessive) vay - nah
vakorn so called vay - corn
valla so long (parting) veil - lah
vari ever vay - rye
vas why vace (rhymes with race)
vek can veek
ver in veer
verva into veer - vah
wu what woo
wyl all will
wyr this were
yali vary yeah - lie
yon will yone
zan at zane