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What An Elf Would Do: A Magical Guide to the Manners and Etiquette of the Faerie Folk

What an Elf Would Do: A Magical Guide to the Manners and Etiquette of the Faerie Folk is a wry, sly, often tongue in cheek view of how elves see and interact with the world of the Normal folk as well as with Otherkind of all sorts. It is designed to help the elfin everywhere to move through the often mysterious cultures of mankind with confidence and ease.

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This book is dedicated to our son, Draco Windwalker, who has been unfailingly courteous throughout his life and kind enough to always laugh at our jokes.


Thank you dear Gaea de las Aguas for your review on Amazon of our book:

“Think of this as "Ms. Manners" for the Otherkin set. Ever wondered how to handle yourself with grace and style whilst traversing the mundane realms? Let this tome be your guide! Lessons on how to present oneself as a skilled and artful Noble are here in abundance.
Insight into human behavior patterns and tips on how to deal with difficult personality quirks are found on just about every page. Delivered with a lovely sense of humour (I've laughed out loud many times), the Silver Elves bring us a reference guide to assist with polishing our manners and bringing etiquette back to our daily lives.”

And also thank you to Krys Starfire for your comments on Amazon:
“This is a fun informative book! I have been reading these Elves writings for over ten years now, from their magical love letters to their books they never fail to inspire, amuse, and educate in all things Elven.”

We thank you L. S. for your review on Amazon:

“I love to read "fringe" books. I also love etiquette books. But I still left this on my wish list for a long time. This book is awesome. It is like an Old Soul giving you wisdom on how to live a calm, peaceful, otherworldly life. I am on my second time through and plan on reading some of their other publications. I highly recommend this book.”

And thank you, dear Ileådryn, for your Amazon review:

"This is a wonderful book. Light-hearted and helpful.
I was given this book as a gift, and it's been so helpful for navigating the world of muggles and other Fae. The insights in here have been very useful at helping me navigate challenges with my own loved ones, and the idiosyncrasies of our kind and others. Kind of like "Miss Manners" only for elves, and far more entertaining and less severe in it's tone. Super useful, and it offers very helpful insights into how others of our kind behave. There was one section in particular that struck me as so helpful I had to type out the whole paragraph and share it with a friend, who also agreed it was very good.
But what's really nice about it, is how lighthearted and fun the whole thing is. You learn stuff and giggle while you do it!
There was one passage in particular, that had me shrieking in laughter, and others would leave me with deep insights that I'd be reflecting on for hours.
Just a delightful experience of joy and pragmatic, helpful insights, mixed together. I've grown from reading this!"

And thank you Gail for your comments on Goodreads:

"Couldn't put it down as I laughed so hard reading it! Great wit and really some good ideas about dealing with people!"

And thank you John Towers for your comment on Goodreads:

"Totally fun and useful book for anyone who is into elven-faerie magic!"

"What An Elf Would Do" is priced at $15 and its purchase is eligible for Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping (Amazon's deal to ship you free if you purchase a total over $25 in a single or combined book order). Please click the Amazon link below and go to Amazon's Silver Elves page to make your purchase. For a preview of the book, you may wish to check out Amazon's Look Insde This Book feature that is offered. Remember that you will be going out of the Silver Elves website, so please bookmark us before you go and return often.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Skills That Every Elf Is Encouraged To Develop

Chapter 2 : 33
Among the Masses

Chapter : 3 55
Romance and Courtship Among the Elves

Chapter 4: 73
An Evening Out

Chapter 5: 81
Work Related

Chapter 6: 97

Chapter 7: 103
An Evening Out, part 2

Chapter 8: 113
When Drinking

Chapter 9: 119
A Few Words About Birthdays

Chapter 10: 121

Chapter 11: 135
Home Among the Elves

Chapter 12: 143
Dealing with Transgender Individuals

Chapter 13: 145
Lesbians and Feminists

Chapter 14: 147
Rainbow Brothers and Sharing

Chapter 15: 149
Dealing With the Unseelie

Chapter 16: 159
Charity and Other Financial Issues

Chapter 17: 163
Dealing With Death and Tragedy

Chapter 18: 169
When Things May Turn Out Strange

Chapter 19: 185
Dealing with the Normals

Chapter 20: 189
Among the Goblears, the Violents, and the Grimleans

Chapter 21: 211
Angels, Demons, Daemons, and Others

Chapter 22: 219
Ancient Lore and Customs

Chapter 23: 223
Summoning It All Up

About the Authors 225

When an elf speaks, sHe does not attempt to appear wise, rather sHe speaks the truth from hir heart as best sHe understands it while ever remembering the education, propensities, and terminology preferred by hir listener. Being enchanters, elves are ever, even in the simplest of interactions, weaving spells of delight and joy, hoping to bring a bit of light and often humor into the other’s life. The goal of an elf is never to raise hirs’elf above others, but to find a level where they can meet as one. The elf always begins by assuming and treating others as equals, and always with respect. In some situations, the elf finds listening a more profound statement than anything sHe might say, and sHe is always there for and ever loyal to hir friends.

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