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Elf Quotes: A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and
Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves

Contained in ELF QUOTES: A Collection of Over 1000 Ancient Elven Sayings and Wise Elfin Koans by The Silver Elves About Magic and The Elven Way are our original elfin koans, ancient sayings, and other quotes on magic and enchantment and the Elven Way. Our readers may recognize in Elf Quotes many of their favorite "old elven sayings" from our Silver Elves books because we have included in it all of our side-quotes that we have published throughout the years in our Silver Elves books (over 40 books to this date) on elven magic and enchantment.

Originally, we got the idea to create Elf Quotes when a fairie sister told us that she wished she had one single book that was a collection of all our side-quotes of old elven sayings and ancient wisdom koans from our Silver Elves books so that she could take it with her for inspiration on a very difficult personal journey that she was making. So in this book, we have compiled almost all our side-quotes from our books and have even added many new quotes that have not yet been published in our books. We hope you enjoy reading all of them and sharing them with others. And if perhaps you take this book with you on a personal journey of your own, we wish you elven blessings and may your way be always illuminated by the Shining Ones.


Cover art is a photo of original drawing “Snow Raven” by Zardoa Silverstar of the Silver Elves

This book is dedicated to all our stary sisters and brothers and to the Elven Way.

“This book is an act of magic. It is not really paper but Starlight you are holding in your hands.”
—The Silver Elves. . . . .

Thank you Millie Johnson for your comment on Goodreads about our book:

"I'm reading and reading this uplifting and magical collection of the Silver Elves' sayings."


Thank you dear Indigo for your comments on Amazon about our book and for your full review on your elven channel:

“I truly love this book. It is filled of wonderful Elven Wisdom and truly a gift to this world. If you love the Elves and feel you resonate with them, then buy this book of whimsical and wise quotes that make you really think deeply about nature and life! Here is my full review on my Elven channel full of Elven higher wisdom-Elven Wisdom”


Introduction 7
Ancient Elven Sayings 9
Wisdom of the Eldar 13
What Say the Elves About The Elven Way 15
The Elven Speak About the Trees, Earth,
and Nature 17
Elves Speak About Death, Necromancy, Reincarnation,
Immortality and Eternity 20
Old Elven Sayings About Money, Gold, and Wealth 23
Sayings About Elfin Children, Education
and Learning 24
Elfin Wisdom About Love and Happiness, Friendship and Kindness, Romance and Relationships 27
On Living the Elven Myth 31
Elven Sayings on Elfin Kin, Family and Kinship 33
Ancient Elven Expressions, Koans and Riddles 35
What the Elves Say About Evolution 37
Elven Words To Live By 38
Ancient Elven Wisdom about the Shining Ones and the Divine Spirit 43
Elf Quotes About Elfin Runes, Tarot
and Other Oracles 47
What the Elven Say About Awakening to Faerie 49
Elves Speak About Dreams and Visions 52
Elven Bumper Stickers and Grafetti 54
Elfin Knowledge on Creativity,
Art and Imagination 56
Wisdom Spoken By Elves About The Unseen
And The Unknown 59
Elves Speak About “Home” 60
What The Elven Say About Themselves 62
Elven Sayings About the Apolcalypse and
Other Such Nonsense 70
What the Elven Say About the World of Humans 71
Elven Knowledge About the Wicked and Evil,
Greed and Hate, War and Conflict 74
What the Elves Say They Believe
and Don’t Believe 76
What Say the Elven Magicans 78
Elves Speak About Stars and Starlight 83
What Is Said About The Elven and Gift Giving 85
What Elves Say About the Journey to Elfin 86
What Say the Wise Elven Sorcerers? 91
Quotes about the Elfin Language
and Elven Names 92
Elven Quotes About Dancing and Celebrations 95
What the Elves Know 97
Ancient Elfin Admonition 101
Elven Words to Remember 103
The Elves Speak about Sex and Love Making 105
And Many More Silver Elves’ Quotes
For the Modern Elf 107
What Elves Say About Costumes and Dress 117
Facts About Elves 118
Whispers of an Elven Enchantress 121
More of What the Elves Say 123
Special Elf Quotes 126

About the Authors 130

We are happy to finally say that we have published a collection of our Elfish quotes and koans and you may now purchase Elf Quotes on (as well as all international Amazon sites). The book is priced at only $10 and its purchase is eligible for Amazon's free Super Saver Shipping (Amazon's deal to ship you free if you purchase a total over $25 in a single or combined book order).

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Sample Chapter from Elf Quote, page 13-14:



The Eldar say: “It is just when you think you have mastered a situation that the true test comes.”

Some people think elves were a people that once were but are no more. Others think that we never existed. But the truth is the long history and legend of the elves has just begun.

There are many who accuse us fae of being malicious, capricious, and cruel but it is not we who have so callously killed the living forests for profit.

It can be risky at times to dance in the world and a smile is often suspect. But if we don’t take a chance with a skip and a prance, our own hearts will always regret.

How can we be but humble when faced with the vast beauty and immensity of the Creation of the Divine Nature. How can we be but thankful for being allowed to share in that Creation in however so small a way.

It is a wise sailor that accepts the fickleness of the wind.

Ritual is the art of repeating one’self with style.

Empires seek to divide and conquer; We elves seek to unite and party.

An elf can be a king or queen among the Elfin. All it takes is absolute devotion to our people. —Wisdom of the Eldar

We honor our ancestors best not by following their ways exactly but by doing what they did better.

When people tell the elves that they feel like someone has walked over their grave, the Eldar say: “It is their own true s’elves calling them from Faerie.”

[From Page 14:]


The Eldar say: “The loss of one’s body is a small thing, the loss of one’s soul is everything.”

The Eldar say: “The inner teachers can only be studied by experience.”

Bureaucracies are the refuge of the incompetent.

The greatest sages are wise enough not to be all knowing.

The truth can be painful, but is far less expensive than deceiving ourselves.

Elves say that truth is both absolute and relative. It is absolutely relative and relatively absolute.

We elves have ancient souls and spirits that are ever young.

A fool that ignores the words of the wise will surely be taught by Life’s lash.

It is the nature of the foolish to think thems’elves wise. It is the privilege of the Wise to watch in silence while life teaches the fool things that mere words never could.

“The path to wisdom is littered with foolish choices.” Olde Elven Saying.

There is a difference between ignorance and folly. All of us are ignorant of some things but a fool clings to his ignorance as though it were his last penny.

When the elves speak of the Edar, we are often referring to our ancestors; although since we practice reincarnation, we are sometimes referring to modern elves as well.

Elves are as old as the stars and young as the new dawn.


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