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The Magical Elven Love Letters:

Each of these three books is a collection of letters with dominate themes of what it means to be an elf and the elven way of life, the Shinning Ones, Elven magic and elven culture. These letters were written by The Silver Elves to encourage elves to awaken to their Elfin nature, to be true to their individual destiny, and to embrace their starry heritage. They are filled with Elven Philosophy and observe the world from the point of view of the Elves, which is often quite unique from how most people view and experience the world; and their unique Elven Philosophy of Magic that is often similar and yet distinct from traditional theories and methods of magic.

Be sure and click on each book below that you are interested in and there you may read more about it and sample writing contained within that book.

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The Magical Elven Love Letters Volume 1
Our very first magical elf letters and a few of our internet letters.

     The Magical Elven Love Letters Volume 2
The continuation of our internet letters with a few early letters that were not in the first book. 

The Magical Elven Love Letters Volume 3
The continuation of our internet letters from before 2000 and the majority are letter we wrote in the process of our journey to relocate to Hawaii and also all the letters upon moving to paradise.  This volume 3 completes the trilogy.

"Just as a tree roots are hidden beneath the earth, the Roots of Magic are obscured by the invisible." The Silver Elves



I believe in a Divinity
that's not limited
by the dictates, doctrines and dogmas
of any religion.
even those multitude of creeds
that so loudly proclaim
the supremacy of their One True Gods
I believe in a Divinity
that stands unabashedly naked and unashamed before the world
and says, "Take me, I'm yours.
I have loved you from the very beginning
when I first laid eyes on you.
I shall love you to the end
when we merge together in ecstatic abandon
I believe in a Divinity
that would do anything in its infinite power
to help, heal and uplift us
and is only restrained by its omniscient wisdom
which knows with absolute certainty
that if we are ever to find our true place in the Universe
we must learn to stand on our own feet
and take responsibility for the fact that the world we live in
is the one we have created.

For I believe in a Divinity
that lives in potential in all things
waiting to be realized by our every
thought, word and deed.


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