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Elven Psychology: Understanding the Elfin Psyche and
The Evolutionary and Esoteric Purposes of Mental Disorders

Elven Psychology: Understanding the Elfin Psyche and the Evolutionary and Esoteric Purpose of Mental Disorders is written from a unique elven perspective about the present day human condition, which includes an exploration of the psyché of both normal folk and elfae. We elves are elven by spirit, so our entrance into humanity is the addition of a new spiritual race, not a new physical race, and elves have been born in these modern times into all physical races, as well as most cultures and religions throughout the world. In fact, there are many who are following esoteric Ancient Wisdom Traditions, as well as some Tolkienists, who through the process of benevolent evolution, see ‘elf as the new normal’ or majority of humankind in the not so distant future. So, it is important to update many areas of academia that explore, express, and explain human life; psychology being one of these.

Thus this book expands the realms of modern psychology, which has never before included the elves and otherkin population as being real. If one says that they are an elf, most psychologists today will still hold you in suspect of having a delusionary disorder and try to evaluate you further. We explain in Elven Psychology why from a standard psychological point of view that believing you are an elf does not in itself constitute a disorder even in traditional psychology, and then we go much further and explore the disorders and psychological struggles that we observe in our modern society in both normal folk and elves/otherkin, along with the spiritual purposes of disorders and new perspectives for healing. .

Both authors, Zardoa and Silver Flame, have advanced graduate degrees in Depth Psychology and Art Therapy. We have used our academic and clinical backgrounds as well as life experiences living and sharing the Elven Way for over 40 years to identify a new way of perceiving the struggles of elves and otherkin living in the stressful modern world that sometimes results in psychological discomforts, as well as identifying the disorders of normal folk that have yet to be written about in modern psychology. While these are not the disorders you would find in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) that is published by the American Psychiatric Association as a standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders, in our opinion they need to be included to begin updating clinical psychology to include the existence of elven and faerie folk and our perspective. While we do not really support the use of categories like in the DSM to describe mental discomfort (people are far more complex than to limit our understanding of them by psychological classifications), we are adding the elven perspective and new classifications as a way of updating this important discipline. Since both of us had a number of graduate classes in the study of the DSM required for various clinical psychology degrees, we, Zardoa and Silver Flame, have long had many discussions together on how the elven perspective has been left out of the DSM. So here in Elven Psychology we share them with you in an often tongue in cheek fashion. If the elves were to write their own DSM, this book would be a good start!

We Silver Elves certainly do not condone any dislike for normal folk, but we also do not accept the persecution of the fae that has gone on so long by them. We feel that with some reflection and communication, our diverse human population can break through the dark spells of intolerance that have cast a long shadow upon us all and we can begin to accept each other, and even help each other find a beneficial place in society that strengthens and unites us. In the words of our sister Arwen, one of the founders of the Elf Queen’s Daughters in the 70s, “This is the only humanity that we get, so we must learn to get along.”

The Silver Elves

We dedicate this book to Robert W. Sterling, who has been a truly great healer, educator, author, and lifetime friend and colleague to Silver Flame (Martha Char Love), and who has spent so much of his time caring for others and helping them to find the awareness of their human instincts and the unity of their body-mind for happiness and wellness.


Table of Contents

Section One: The Psychological Nature of Modern Elves

Chapter 1:
Modern Elves and Psychological Disorders

Chapter 2:
Pretending as a Way to Cope with Normalcy

Chapter 3:
Psychological Disorders as Evolutionary Adaptations

Chapter 4:
The Pharmacopia of Modern Technological Shamans

Chapter 5:
Magical and Spiritual Meanings of Psychological Disorders


Section Two: Psychological Disorders of Normal Folk: The Normalcy and Conformity Disorders

Chapter 6:
Generalized Normalcy and Conformity Disorder
. . . . . Unawakened elfae and the Normalcy and
Conformity Disorders
. . . . . Conforming as a survival strategy for elves
. . . . . When elfae have parents with Normalcy and
Conformity Disorders

Chapter 7:
Normalcy Parenting Disorder
. . . . . When an awakened elfae has parents with the
Normalcy Parenting Disorder
. . . . . Yes, the elfae view those with Normalcy Parental Disorder as crazy

Chapter 8:
Familial Disharmony Disorder (FDD)
. . . . . Healing Familial Disharmony Disorder

Chapter 9:
Authoritarian Dominance Parenting Syndrome (ADPS)
. . . . . Grimlens, grimleans, goblins, and orcs with
Authoritarian Dominance Parenting Syndrome
. . . . . The Elven Way and raising the ‘Littles’ without
dominating them

. . . . . Healing ADPS

Chapter 10:
Act Your Age Parenting Disorder
. . . . . What seems most peculiar to the elves about
normal society
. . . . . When fae encounter a person with Act Your Age Parenting Disorder
. . . . . Healing Act Your Age Parenting Disorder

Chapter 11:
Adult Conformity Disorders
. . . . . Adult Conformity Disorders and wicked magic
. . . . . Shamanic realms in the lower astral planes

Chapter 12:
Mundane Compulsive Conformity Disorder (MCCD)
. . . . . The elven view of the Mundane Compulsive
Conformity Disorder (MCCD)
. . . . . Spiritual and psychological needs behind the
Mundane Compulsive Conformity Disorder (MCCD)
. . . . . Conformist societies and MCCD 87
. . . . . The true believers and MCCD 90
. . . . . MCCD and the Inner Shadow
. . . . . Healing Mundane Compulsive Conformity Disorder

Chapter 13:
Hierarchal Dominance Syndrome (HDS)
. . . . . Why the elves view the Hierarchal Dominance
Syndrome as a conformity disorder
. . . . . A bit of elven protection magic needed 103
. . . . . Hierarchal Dominance Syndrome and
spilling the blood of others
. . . . . The meaning of spiritual ego to the elves and
Hierarchal Dominance Syndrome (HDS)
. . . . . The difference in an elven society and
a conformist society
. . . . . Personality Disorders and the power of magic

Chapter 14:
Prohibited Word Disorder (PWD)
. . . . . Why the elves view Prohibited Word Disorder
as a disorder
. . . . . Conformity and aspects of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva
. . . . . The elves speak about profanity and conformity
. . . . . Magic ‘curse’ words and Sensor as a
language of power
. . . . . Connecting to the spirit world through
potent feeling in your words
. . . . Something most curious to the elves
. . . . . What’s with the “Swear Word” jars?

Chapter 15:
Fervent Symbol Syndrome (FSS)
. . . . . “Taking a knee”
. . . . . Forced religion and the repression of
symbols of beliefs
. . . . . Satanism, witches, yoga and Fervent Symbol Syndrme
. . . . . The forbidden symbols
. . . . . Would these elves die for the elven star?
. . . . . Those gone mad
. . . . . A magical and psychological attempt for order
. . . . . When Fervent Symbol Syndrome is a serious disorder
. . . . . Dealing with Unseelie who have
Fervent Symbol Syndrome
. . . . . Healing the Fervent Symbol Syndrome

Chapter 16:
Nudity Offended Disorder (NOD)
. . . . . . The spiritual function of the Nudity Offended Disorder
. . . . . Rebelling against the dark spells of
puritanical prohibitions
. . . . . Elven solutions to dealing with those with
Nudity Offended Disorder
. . . . . The Elven Way, spiritual transformation, and nudity
. . . . . More insanity concerning nudity
. . . . . A world without Nudity Offended Disorder
. . . . . While we are going backwards,
we are also going forwards

Chapter 17:
Name Brand Status Dysfunction (NBSD)

Chapter 18:
Xenophobic Hostility Disorder (XHD)
. . . . . “All fear is essentially a fear of death”
. . . . . Fear of what is new and XHD
. . . . . Healing Xenophobic Hostility Disorder
— Finding “harmony through diversity”
. . . . . Meeting our tribe in distant travels

Chapter 19:
Perpetual Vendetta Disorder, also known as
Nemesis Syndrome

Chapter 20:
Mr. Know It All Disorder

Chapter 21:
Authoritative Parroting Disorder


Section Three: Unseelie Dark Spell Disrders

Chapter 22:
Rainbow Brother Syndrome (RBS)

Chapter 23:
Indiscriminate Parasitic Disorder (IPD)

Chapter 24:

Black Hole Disorder (BHD)

Chapter 25:
Sirius Pleiades Angelic Ascension Complex,
Also Known AS Premature Mastery Complex (PMC)

Chapter 26:
Pseudo Fibromyalgia Syndrome (PFS)

Chapter 27:
Inner Demonic Possession Syndrome or
the Devil Made Me Do It Disorder (IDPS)

Chapter 28:
Shape Dismorphic Disorder (SDD)

Chapter 29:
Past Life Copout Disorder (PLCOD)

Bibliography and Suggested Readings

About the Authors

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Excerpt from:
The Introduction
(Page 11)

"In modern times, we Elves and otherkin have reincarnated in human form and thus the human population today has become even more diverse due to our presence. And since elves and otherkin are constantly growing in our own diversity and variations (we are an ever diversifying people), the human populous of which we are now a part is also becoming more varied by the day. This may sound like fiction to the ‘normal folk,’ but just ask thousands around the world who understand thems’elves to be elves or otherkin, including all manner of faerie folk, and they will tell you with certainty that it is real. We look toward the future of humankind with our elven souls and know that we must all learn to unite, normal folk and elfae alike, to accept each other for all our uniqueness and beautiful variations.

(skip to page 12)
The psychological disorders concerning normalcy and conformity that we observe in many normal folk (as well as in some unseelie otherkin like the goblins who have merged into normal society trying to fit in to make profits for their own indulgence or the grimlens who have their own extreme and strict ideas of normal) and have introduced in this book are not included with the intent to separate normal and elf, but to begin a conversation with some insight as to the inner psychological struggles that are presently going on among us all. Likewise we devote an entire chapter to the psychological disorders we also observe in some modern elves and otherkin, and we hope this will help relieve much of the stress of misunderstanding and persecution that so many elfae have endured for too long and will assist us in our further s’elf develop and abilities of higher Divine Magic.

Most of the psychological disorders that we identify in this book are related to the propensity of normal folk to still live in a dominating top-down perspective. If just one thing could be done in our modern societies to help heal the psychological discomforts of people, it would be to work on changing the normal attitudes and lifestyle to a more cooperative perspective, being far less stressful for all people. And while elves tend naturally to live in cooperation with and without domination of each other, we fae also are still learning and evolving in this ability and sometimes struggle with some of the same disorders as normal folk. This may be particularly true if we are raised by normal parents, when we fae have often been taught domination as a basic life skill and this is something that leads us in the end to share the psychological disorders that go with this dark perspective. Of course, it is within the natural soul of the seelie elf/fae to challenge this domination perspective and do the inner work necessary to rebel when necessary and to evolve past it.

Elven Psychology is written both for our elven and fae kin as well as normal folk. You may wonder why we are approaching the introduction of Elven Psychology, a new school of thought in psychology, with such an emphasis on disorders. This is because modern psychology is primarily based on identifying the discomforts of people into classifications that can be used for treatment and comparison of a healthy human condition from one experiencing trauma and distress of some kind. It is hoped that extending modern clinical psychology so it will include elfae and the elfae perspective will bring some clarity to people to understand both the likenesses and differences of the elves/fae and normal folk, with tolerance and understanding of each other as one human family, and some suggestions for healing.

Of course we realize that we must all go much further than identifying disorders to truly understand the psyché, to heal and grow past our present condition, but that we have already touched on in our book Living The Personal Myth: Making the Magic of Faerie Real in One’s Own Life. What we do talk about in Elven Psychology are the spiritual reasons that people have the disorders that they have and what the soul is working on accomplishing in terms of wholeness and evolutionary adaptation by developing the characteristics and even abilities that go with each disorder. It is our hope in this book to throw some light on the healing of the person, both fae and ‘normal folk,’ experiencing these disorders by identifying a perspective that adds to the solution or cure of the imbalance within the personality and thus aids in the evolutionary progression of the soul.

And by the way, you must have noticed the Greek letter psi in the middle of the seven-pointed stars, elven-faerie stars, on the cover of this book, as well as on the title page graphic. The symbol of psi is actually the official symbol for psychology and also the first letter of the Greek word ‘psuche,’ meaning mind or soul, from which the term psyché was adapted. This is the root word and origin for the name of the discipline psychology that is also commonly defined as ‘the study of the mind.’ We could make another connection to this symbol and that is it is also the symbol of Neptune in astrology, the Roman Lord of the Sea, and the great waters of the unconscious, thus symbolizing the deep interior of the psyché. We write quite a bit in this book about how people are impacted psychologically by symbols and we wanted to make sure from the beginning that all our readers understand the origin of the symbol for psychology and that no one mistakenly makes an association with it and the trident carried by “the devil.” We assure you there has never been this connection in the history of psychology, even though many people have imagined there to be since in earlier times before the discipline of psychology had its profound influence, people did think mental illness was associated with “the work of the devil.”

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