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Discourses on High Sorcery: More Correspondence Between The Silver Elves and the Founders of The Elf Queen's Daughters

"Discourses on High Sorcery" is the third book in a series of a collection of letters that are a continuation of a correspondence started in our books "Magic Talks" and "Sorcerer's Dialogues" between the Silver Elves and two sisters, Arwen and Elanor, who founded the Elf Queen’s Daughters, of which the Silver Elves were a part. The Elf Queen’s Daughters were a magical Frasority (fraternity/sorority) who were active in the mid 1970’s and published three letters a week on Elven Culture, Philosophy and Magic that were sent to hundreds of individuals in the U.S. and Europe.

While the topics in this series range from Sorcery, Esoteric Buddhism, Elven Culture and Magic, modern culture and much else this third book is entitled "Discourses on High Sorcery" because
the dominate theme is about the Manu, the Great Shnning One, who is the inspiration and energetic guide for the evolution of humanity in this age.

This book is dedicated to Evanayl, our sister true, who has always been so supportive of our work.

We would also like to thank Arwen and Elanor for collaborating with us on this series of books and making it possible, Arwen and Elanor, founders of The Elf Queen's Daughters, have enjoyed a life enriched by their continued efforts in communal, collaborative, cooperative works of art forms including music, writing, and film-making. These days, Arwen (Susie) and Elanor write, direct, and produce independent full-length feature films as The La Honda Film company. La Honda Films has produced two full-length films: "Buffalo Hearts" (now available on both Netflix and Amazon) and their newest film release, "California Tango". They also have a number of films in the works including: "The Sorcerer", "Pacal Voltan", and "The Aenid". For more information on their films, enjoy visiting their production website at:

Discourses on High Sorcery— Table of Contents

Letters No. 1 . . . . "The Romahals" 13

Letters No 2. . . . . Newest Branch of
The 5th Sub-Race 17

Letters No. 3 . . . . “Smarty Pants” 21

Letters No. 4 . . . . The Eyes of Varda 23

Letters No. 5 . . . . Touching Upon
Supra- dimensional Sources 27

Letters No. 6 . . . . Fellowship and
Esoteric Language 32

Letters No. 7 . . . . Whisperings From
the Mahachohan 34

Letters No. 8 . . . . The “New Sorcerer” 40

Letters No. 9 . . . . Focusing on the Integral 43

Letters No. 10 . . . . Moon-Chainers 46

Letters No.11 . . . . The Manu’s Will
and the 7th Ray Personality 51

Letters No. 12 . . . . “Slacker-Folk” 55

Letters No.13 . . . . Elven 1, 7, 3 59

Letters No.14 . . . . Arhats and Mayavirupas 64

Letters No.15 . . . . Creation of a Mayavirupa 70

Letters No. 16 . . . . 5th Dimensional Beings 75

Letters No. 17 . . . . Superdimensional Influence 80

Letters No. 18 . . . . Greater Dharma 82

Letters No. 19 . . . . "Advanced-Sorcery
of One's Own Making" 86

Letters No. 20 . . . . Love the People 88

Letters No. 21 . . . . Telepathy and/or
Wordless-Commune 92

Letters No. 22 . . . . "A Study of Expediency" 97

Letters No. 23 . . . . Sidddhis 101

Letters No. 24 . . . . Intuition and Buddha-Hood 105

Letters No. 25 . . . . “Oaneans" 108

Letters No. 26 . . . . 7th Root race and
the Premonition of Death 113

Letters No. 27 . . . . When Varda Sees
and Manwe Knows 117

Letters No. 28 . . . . Other-World-Drop-In's 120

Letters No. 29 . . . . Astrology-Astronomy 124

Letters No. 30 . . . . Language of the Stars 128

Letters No. 31 . . . Possessing a Greater Atman 134

Letters No. 32 . . . . “Elfland” 138

Letters No. 33 . . . . Leaping the Void
Toward The Fellowship 143

Letters No. 34 . . . . Ashrams 145

Letters No. 35 . . . . Fae’re’—
Passing through the Twilight 149

Letters No. 36 . . . . Aspects of Fae’re’
in Literature 153

Letters No. 37 . . . . The Goodness of Fae’re’ 157

Letters No. 38 . . . . “Blush Response” 162

Letters No. 39 . . . . The Logos and
Time Passage 167

Letters No. 40 . . . . Ancient Amerind’s
Gifts To Us 171

Letters No. 41 . . . . The “Magio-Scientific-Arts” 176

Letters No. 42 . . . . Being of Service 179

Letters No. 43 . . . . “Ontology Recapitulates
Phylogerny” 182

Letters No. 44 . . . . The Treasures of
A “Cyclic” Universe 186

Letters No. 45 . . . . Being All Things
To All People 189

Letters No. 46 . . . . Striving For
Our Highest Faculties 193

Letters No. 47 . . . . Revere the Unnamed 198

Letters No. 48 . . . . The Light of Dangma 200

Letters No. 50 . . . . The Mahadevas 207

Letters No. 51 . . . . The Call of Manu,
or “Faenu or Elf-new” 211

Letters No. 52 . . . . The Mahavishnu Tradition 216

Letters No. 53 . . . . Benevolent Impressions
of Manu-Thinking 220

Letters No. 54 . . . . “Manu Focused Dialogue” 224

Letters No. 55 . . . . The Trinity 228

Letters No. 56 . . . . Back in the Trees 232

Letters No. 57 . . . . Manu Teachings 236

Letters No. 58 . . . . The Three Regents 241

Letters No. 59 . . . . Yet To Come 245

Letters No. 60 . . . . The Great Strangeness 249

Letters No. 61 . . . . The Rays of Manifestation 253

Letters No. 62 . . . . The 6th Ray Attribute 256

Letters No. 63 . . . . 3rd and 5th Ray Attributes 261

Letters No. 64 . . . . "Silencium Est Aurum" 264

Letters No. 65 . . . . The Dark Magician/
Sorcerer 267

Letters No. 66 . . . . Shamanistic Necromancy 270

Letters No. 67 . . . . Remaining Hiden 273

About the Authors 277


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The following are sample letters from "Discourses on High Sorcery":

Letters No.11 . . . . The Manu’s Will and the 7th Ray Personality


. . . . is going to turn out particularly good, if you've assimilated the meaning, the power and the ramifications of it's generous flow. You understand, surging waters can result in power to turn a mill and soft, steadily flowing waters can be easily diverted to fields for abundant crops but stagnant waters can fester, eventually revealing drought conditions. In a man's life, it is much the same.
Please, my dear son, go further with your ideas. They're in proportion to some-reality and/or a Greater Dharma than dharma reveals. Take it from an old-sorcerer that is likely infinitely more pragmatic than anyone you've ever known. Money is never "dirty" to us, we like to use it for ever greater expansions of Dharma-dharma. Don't ask so many questions within your own mind and just allow THE TOLKU to take over, even when romping about Waikiki with your lady fair.

By the by, it wasn't The Manu ever "whispered" in my ear . . . that was the Mahachohan (i.e., Stanzas Of T'zan - "Lord Of The World") making an attempt to take pity on an orphan-child cast down unto seemingly unjust conditions. I suspect he was amazed to see my response, so quick and grateful, seeking the subliminal (non-verbal) instruction that only an "Angel" can give. The Great Deva permitted me to attach myself (against existing 'rules'), I suspect, because he inwardly knew the "little creature" was something of "a throwback" from a much older world he'd known, tens of thousands of years before. Nay, I'm grateful for the interventions I've received, throughout the years. I stand forever in debt to Great Nature and my blessed ancestors for revealing so much.

The Manu is an entirely different story. VIASAVATTA MANU has seen the likes of me before and has never been impressed with any of us. Without rest, 'Our Manu' ranges in and out of time, in process of creating while also engaging righteous forces to sub-create for him.

I don't really know why he has revealed so many things to me? Nevertheless, all of us suspect it relates to our 7th Ray personalities. Meaning: our (i.e., the ASHRAMIC SECTION'S) pragmatism, so quick in immediate action and so adaptable as to purpose, is indeed a "reflection of the Manu's Will", especially if his own volition is focused upon the same ends. (1 - 7 are reciprocal as are 2 - 6 and 3 - 5, while 4 stands alone as a "mediator")

Most all of my supra-dimensional contacts are through intermediaries and/or surrogates. However, there are times that contact is direct and this also always makes a profound impact upon our immediate Dharma. When the intervention involves two or more individual-candidates-for-initiation in a "physical-clearing", it constitutes an EVENT of enormous proportions.

I expect you'd be much more interested in the Bodhisattva Contacts. These should be to your liking but you need bear in mind that very, very few people discern the subtle differences betwixt wordless commune and A BODHISATTVA'S energies being stepped down by several surrogates to answer questions, using verbals means. Energy (E = m c squared) is wordless-thought in all our equations and basically requires to be "stepped-down-to-a-force" by several agencies to provide language for an oracle, a revelation, a discernible dream-scape, an experience for someone wanting answers.

Who can say? Maybe there's no wordless commune or we lay so much upon the wordless "impression" that it's so colored by us that it might just as well be us. Homing? Telepathy? Better to do your duty and obey the scout law at al times. However, if you want THE BODHISATTVA , get him on the "wordless commune". He's no less than Matreya and he's just about as amiable as it gets . . . . . . .


P.S. It’s always best to step up to the level where questions might be posed and then answered without words: the i-ching “image of the caldron”, explains.

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #11)

As far as…
Dear Arwen,

… connecting to Bodhisattvas and other high beings, for the most part we just pursue our dharma as we understand it and do not seek their counsel unless it is offered. Usually when the great ones come about we just dim our auras a bit and become very still and quiet. We don’t try to hide. That would just draw their attention. Nor do we seek to stand out. We wait patiently until they pass and then go on with what we are doing. We leave commune with the great ones to others. We are but wee folk after all. It is not our place to interfere in their dealings and as long as they are content to leave us be to do what they’ve already set us to doing, we are happy with that as well.

As to the image of the cauldron in the I Ching, we contemplate it every time we receive it as an oracle and still find it mystifying. Perhaps we will never fully understand its meaning, any hints you wish to offer us in regard to it would be appreciated.

And as to wordless commune, well, what can one say about that, save it is better communicated in silence. And so, for now, we shall be.

Zardoa and Silver Flame/Neffie

p.s. We highly recommend "The Tempest" starring Helen Mirren.

The Elven say:
It is easier to be something than believe you are something; therefore, do and be and allow belief to come in its own time.

The following are more sample letters from "Discourses on High Sorcery":

Letters No.14 . . . . Arhats and Mayavirupas


. . . . in lieu of the simple fact that he/she does not usually have a physical body, is how to create a mayavirupa. A maya-vi-rupa or in English : an illusory-life-body, represents that conglomerate, seeming living vehicle, made-up of substances gathered from elementals. The actual substance is etheric as opposed to gross physical, astral-flux and choice mental-elementals organized and then re-animated by an adept.

The fact that the "new" arhat is not as yet an adept, is the crux of the matter. He/she normally having been divested of a physical body by "sacrificing their life" to save the life of another, e.g., an imperiled human life and perhaps even the life of a wild-animal. A "new arhat" is never in-position to object to learning how to make a maya-vi-rupa. (Please check-out Werner Hetzog's, "Bear Man" or "Grizzly Man" as a truly strange, convoluted example of an Arhatic-sacrifice for bruins)
You should realize, Z, that I don't exactly explain everything to you or Neffie for a pretty good reason. My immediate superiors (for lack of a more suitable expression), definitely feel that candidates for all initiations are diminished greatly by "The Fraudulent Sophist Dialectics" used by rationalizing discourse in general. The "question and answers routine" is part of the problem and is too lame and archaic to become part of the solution. It definitely makes for good pupils but it conversely makes for lousy students.

In other words, if you ask questions and I answer them, that's alright if your going to be my "charge or chela for life" (heaven forbid Z) but also . . . if I continue to answer questions, I'll actually be stealing from you! I'd be robbing you of the opportunity for discovery, the only real treasure behind the overly-labored facts and concepts of the modern ideologies and philosophies. I prefer to assume you're a proper savant (Neffie too) and that you'll not only glean the facts and the pertinent concepts but that you'll discover inner-meanings as well as the beauty-functions that oft elude the most erudite scholars of this corrupted day and age.

We won't, in this regard, be trying to "make a long story short", since a "short-version" quickly turns into another pathetic attempt to explain the 'inexplicable'. Dabblers in the occult oft find themselves using terms and expressions that are inexplicable to any other than an eighty-year-old Theosophist with the fading memory of a thrice-brilliant-teenager.

First of all, please allow me to reiterate:
1. An advanced human being
2. An aspirant
3. A probationary disciple
4. An accepted disciple
5. A disciple within the aura of an ashram or the aura of an adept
6. A candidate for initiation. (normally 1st or 2nd degree)
7. An initiate (i.e. normally 3rd degree)
8. An arhat
9. An adept
10. A master
11. A chohan
12. A nirmanaskaya . . .

Now, we can detail our definition along with our empathy for the process. Without true empathy, we're talking about cynics listening to Beethoven's 9th Symphony (composed while he was deaf), a consummate rowdy witnessing the birth of an innocent child, a sophisticated urbanite situated alone in a primeval forest, an ass-hole forced by circumstances to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to a 90 year old heart-attack victim (same sex), a know-it-all new-ager hearing the shrieks of a dying seagull and laughing in embarrassment., etc., etc., ad-infinitum.

The freshly endowed arhat is quite rare, since most Arhats have proven themselves as candidates for 4th initiation within several lifetimes. For point of example:
1. A fireman climbing one of the two-towers, during 9 -11, is endowed instantly unto the blessedness of Arhatship but must incarnate once again (to become fully endowed).
2. That is: endowed with an earned right to Arhatship, after making-up-training for initiation 1-2-3 in a unique single-lifetime (usually) for the specific purpose of manifesting as an Arhat.
3. A freshly endowed arhat (being rare) is endowed and vested instantaneously.
4. If one has the pre-requisite "ears" (higher faculty), the "angels or devas" sing - all vested Arhats are said to hear the song-of-songs and it's sweetness is remembered by them throughout all eternity.
5. Without a Maya-Vi-Rupa an arhat would eventually fall (return again to be more righteously vested).
6. A fall rarely happens, because of intervention on the part of supra-dimensional agents (i.e., adepts) to reveal in a "show-and-tell" (literally) procedure.
7. It has been said that long centuries of discarnate training, in some cases, have always been worth the "trouble" but that most Arhats "train-up" in the equivalent of days or weeks.
We shall, in the next installment, take up the training proper involved in creating a maya-vi-rupa but as but a "taste":
1. Working knowledge of the elemental 'lives' needs to be made profound. In other words, "hands-on", no opinions, no crude experiments, a paying attention that is far-beyond that of the most erudite men and women; the arhat must begin to know the meaning of "inside-and-out".
2. The "inside" is learning to 'order' the elements required in the making and the manifestation and the "outside" is learning exactly where they fit into an illusory structure of a gland, an appendage, a nose, etc., ad-infinitum.
3. Obedience is not in any way asked, nor is it implicate, it is absolutely demanded using the power of the arhats (plural).
4. Of great importance is the sequential DNA arrangements which will require several angelic or deva-collaborators - this is especially the point where an experienced arhat or adept is necessary.
5. Not a lecture, not a lab, not a graduate-dialogue-session, nor anything as like our incarnate experiential fuss-fairy teaching . . . a merging, a homing-telepathy, utterly non-verbal transfer of "know-how" and with energy-force management.
6. The illusory-life-body is missing an awful lot of what we might imagine a human being would need, just to pass, but all's well . . . it just has to work for a specific task, at the very first making.
7. Maya-vi-rupas don't fornicate (not ever as might be required for any significant reason), they aren't meant to deceive but to complete their task and dissolve (as like in the Cinderella tale), they can do a great deal in terms of the inherent abilities of the particular arhat-adept who wields the maya-vi-rupa's considerable beauty and function.



P.S. if we answer questions, we steal away opportunity for discovery on the part of the beloved

(Reply from the Silver Elves to letter #14)

As we’ve told you previously…
Dear Arwen,

… our questions are not meant to be part of a Socratic or Dialectic Process, nor are they rhetorical, they are rather Meta-Questions (our word) intended to inspire thought about the process and not necessarily meant to be answered directed, but rather contemplated regarding the issues raised and the theme upon which you were expounding.

Your last letter on Arhats and Mayavirupas was excellent and masterful. Yes, do continue on that subject writing as much as you will in regard to it. (By the way, we are acquainted with the Grizzly Man film.)

The manifestation of the mayavirupa, or diamond body, in such a way as to appear to physical eyes to be material is surely a great accomplishment and many of the legends of elf and faerie folk, certainly speak of them in this way. In fact, most folks who “believe” in faeries view them from this perspective. Although many seers merely view a subtle body as such, while others might see a more physical seeming form. Bo told us of a faerie he saw that had that subtle appearance and we told him of a menehune we encountered that had that ghostly see-through manifestation. Of course, we sometimes encounter real physical form menehunes on the streets here, but we very much doubt they know or remember who they are anymore.

And there are those who simply refuse to believe in faeries in any other way. They must be a subtle body projection, or a tiny human with wings. They simply can’t see or accept the spiritual nature of reality.

The future of humanity is surely, in part, to develop mayavirupas as a bodily form. These bodies would be much more resilient when mastered, less prone to “disease” as we know it, and certainly longer lived. But this will take some hundreds of thousands of years, if not millions for most folk. And certainly will require numerous changes, not the least of which will be a change of diet, from dense and blood-oriented fare, to more etheric and spiritual nourishment. Just as an individual can receive a quick advancement to probationary Arhatship, wizard hat-ship, or Maia, by selflessly sacrificing hir life for another, certainly one can take the long road of gradual weaning from the culture of blood sacrifice to acceptance of higher nourishment. Is it better to give one’s life for the higher spirit or live one’s life dedicated to it? (A Meta-question, not meant to be answered, except in your own considerations. You can speak to it if you so choose, of course.)

And it would be a great honor for us, certainly, to be your Chelas for life. But alas, as you must know, we are already spoken for. Zardoa wears a sorcerer’s cap given to him (metaphorically) by the Great Mother, Elbereth, which like the cap placed on Monkey by Quan Yin, in the Chinese tales, keeps him from getting up to too much mischief. And Silver Flame, well, she doesn’t seem to need any supervision. The Matreya, Manwe (?) in Tolkien, or one of hir associates, looks in on her from time to time, but mostly she is left to do what she does best, which is lovingly serve and nurture all she encounters.

Do write more on these and other esoteric subjects. You are hitting the mark.

Zardoa and Silver Flame/Neffie

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