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The Wood Elves or Sylvan Elves are surely the most famous of elfin. For when most folks think about elves they are thinking of the wood folk. They, like all forms of elves, come in vast subvarieties. But what is obvious about them is their incredible love of and symbiotic relationship to, the trees. It is these elves who first started dyeing their clothes in mottled and motley shades of brown and green. A practice which eventually was copied by the military and evolved into modern camoulflage uniforms. Although the elven never wear uniforms and their camoulflage is always unique to each individual.

They never cut down trees unless they have died... instead they have learned how to trim and shape them in a form that is both pleasing and beneficial to all. The trimmed branches being used to make bows and arrows among other things... needless to say that was in days of old when the bow was a mighty weapon, they were and are famed archers. Even in modern times when a bow is primarily a tool of sport and pastime, the wood elves still have a fondness for archery. But what is little mentioned or remembered is their expertise with the blowgun and darts.

There are four ways through the forest...
Do you have faith?
Ocean Elves
Do you wish to challenge yours'elf?
Mountain Elves
Do you wonder where it all started?
Starlight Elves
Or are you ready to share what you've learned in the forest with others of our kind....
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