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The Ocean Elves are often found attached to Island Elves but are different in that the Ocean Elves live upon the sea and thus are rovers or gypsies of the sea. Just as the Gypsy Elves live and travel in beautiful wagons the Sea Elves live in beautiful boats which in good weather they often lash together creating a huge mobile city upon the waves.

Naturally, they are great swimmers and expert navigators. They fish but they also make a variety of foods from seaweed and other ocean vegetation as well as carrying a variety of milk producing animals on board. They have a strong bond with the dophins, porpoises and whales whom they never hunt since they consider these as fellow elfin.

The magic of the Sea Elves is deeply connected to the water and wind elementals. It is said that they have a psychic connection similar to that among dolphins so that even those far distant know where their cousins are and what is happening among them... especially the mood of the sea. They often tend to be dark skinned becasue of the amount of time spent beneath the sun.

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