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the way of the warrior

This is the path of the Warrior

the path of the sun to mars. It is the path of Spirit. It is the path of courage and bravery. The Elfin Warrior is a being of action. They nearly always have a mission to carry out and accomplish in the wider realms where a variety of spiritual races intermingle. The Elfin Warriors are nearly always on the go and are bold and fearless in their pursuit. They tend naturally toward the martial arts, often learning a variety of forms.

They are frequently into archery, fencing and other modes of weaponry. But what distinguishes the Elfin Warrior is not so much their attraction to the combative arts and physical development but their attitude and approach to life which to them is always a challenge and a potential struggle requiring skill, courage, strategy and tactics and most of all endurance and perserverence.

One would be mistaken however in thinking that these are impulsive beings who know only attack and aggression, for the Elfin Warrior is well versed in the art of retreat, feints, evasion and illusion. And most of all in the power of negotiation, truce and compromise.

The Elfin Warrior must be extremely flexible in body, mind and spirit, always ready to alter their plans and to adapt thems'elves to the unpredictable nature of battle. Quite often they must make do with whatever is on hand using tools, terrain and everything about them as a part of their stategy and must be constantly ready to improvise when plans are superceded by reality.

One might think that the Elfin Warrior would be a creature of wrath and anger. But these qualities are weakness to the warrior who is a trained instrument of powerful efficiency and who requires a focused mind to function at their best. The Elfin Warrior is a being of honed instincts who must react in an instant trusting in their intuition and automatic thus trained reactions. Therefore training is a continual part of the Elfin Warriors life. They must be always ready at a moments notice to respond to a potential emergency. For the Elfin Warrior is not simply a soldier who battles other soldiers but is part of an emergency response team ever ready in case of earthquake, flood or any of the numerous calamities that occur from time to time on the physical plane. Elfin Warriors are all trained in first aid and emergency medical procedures.

While they work often in groups the elfin warrior is trained to think for thems'elves and well prepared to act upon their own initiative if need arises. They are not mere order takers but cooperative volunteers who speak their own mind whenever they feel necessary. This freedom is not only allowed the Elfin Warrior but expected of them.

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The Challenge: the question is?

Essentially, it comes to this... are you brave enough, daring enough and dedicated enough to be an Elfin Warrior? It is a path frought with dangers. The Elfin Warriors frequently place thems'elves between the innocent and those determined to destroy them. You will find them battling the oil companies in order to protect the seas, standing up to the lumber industry to save the trees, struggling against the fishing companies to protect the whales, dolphi and porpi... protesting against nuclear testing and the energy conglomerates bent on destroying the environment with toxic waste and radiation. Bringing to light the atrocities of totalitarian governments that imprison, torture and murder those that disagree. They face prison, physical harm, harassment and death. Are you really an Elfin Warrior?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Most people think of Warriors as being fighters. But the Elfin Warrior are also energetic beings who put great effort into creating Elfin environments. They are builders... often skilled in construction. They are farmers. They struggle to nourish our folk with organic foods. Are you an Elfin Warrior? Then put forth the effort to make our Elfin manifest.

"Nas le da anit va fyli lena makli, tas anorin." Na dam edata desdas.
"When you are ready to face your fears, go armed." An old elven saying.

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There are four paths that lead from here.

You are a brave and skilled warrior but you wish to hone your abilities even more. Do you primarily need to...

...master particular techniques and weapons?
The path to Jupiter which is the path of the Master
...develop your physical agility and strength?
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Hatha Yogist
...improve your concentration and focus?
The path to Mercury which is the path of the Raj Yogist
...increase your talent for nurturing and guiding others?
And the path to the Asteroids which is the path of Initiator













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