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The Way of the Hatha Yogist

is the manipulator of the physical body. When we elfin descended from the realms of spirit and etheric physicalitiy unto the more substantial world of matter and materialization, we found it thick and slow and ultimately brittle. Our materialized bodies aged, grew stiff and eventually died. The nature of eternal youth that we had become so used to faded. To counteract this tendency we elves began to develop the processes of hatha yoga to stretch the muscles of the body and keep it flexible and more youthful thoughout our lives within it. While we elfin did not create weight training that having come, we suspect, from dwarves or men, we have none the less embraced it for its life giving benefits.

While the christians believe in one life and an afterlife of heaven, hell or purgatory and the buddhists are striving to end desire and thus the source of karma and the need for reincarnation, we elfin are here to Master the physical world by spiritualizing it... creating a marriage of matter and spirit, the body inhabited by the Soul and illuminated by the Spirit. The Elfin Hatha Yogist helps make that possible. Our goal is to extend our lives while remaining healthy throughout our lives until we attain the goal of physical and conscious immortality.

Thus it is that as one becomes more in tune with their elfin nature we also tend to live longer, healthier lives... to appear younger than our age... more likely to be thin for our body size, fit and in shape.

This development of and attention to the physical body is not vanity but, in fact, to our elfin minds a duty and a responsibility since the physical world is simply the most solid aspect of the Spiritual Realm, just as the Spiritual is the most energized form of matter. The Universe is a continuous and connected whole and from the view of we elfin we live within the body of the Universe which is evolving toward perfection. We do our part by perfecting our own bodies on all levels.

Following the basic principle of As Above - So Below in its reverse manifestation, we strive to make our bodies as flexible and enduring as possible knowing that our physicality is but an atom in that greater body that is Elfin. And by healing ours'elves, making our bodies strong and enduring, we also affect Elfin in that same positive fashion.

Magical Totem:
Magical Element:
Magical Mineral:
Magical Herb:
Magical Tool:
Bottle of Elixir
Sacred Tree:
Serpens Cauda
Magical Archetype:
Night Crawler

The Challenge: the question is?

How flexible are you? Do you stretch? Do you keep yours'elf limber? Do you realize how important this is to your body and your mind? Do you think it is an accident that faery tales nearly always describe elves as being lean, thin, svelt, adgile, graceful, light on their feet and sure footed? Are you willing to dedicate the time and energy it takes to become like that? This is not something you do once or twice. This is a life path, a multi-life path.

Hatha Yoga massages the internal organs, tones the muscles and makes the body healthier and more attractive. It is part of the path of those elfin who are intent on creating an immortal physical body in which their eternal soul can abide. Are you prepared to do what is necessary to realize your immortality? Do Hatha Yoga!


The Magical Act: what to do.

Obviously, the magic of this path is to do Hatha Yoga.... for the rest of your life.

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There are six paths that lead from here.

You have mastered the techniques for remaining young and flexible throughout your life. Do you now...

...demonstrate these techniques to others?
The path to Mars which is the path of the Warrior
...create new and better techniques?
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Visionary
...use this power to transform your physical body and appearance?
The path to Venus which is the path of the Shapeshifter
...use the extra energy gained to get what you want in life?
The path to Pluto which is the path of the Stalker
...write books about this experience?
The path to the Mercury which is the path of the Bard
...use this power in the service of the divine, doing yoga as a form of devotion?
And the path to Jupiter which is the path of Dharmaist











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