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The Path of the Master

is the way of the adept... To be an Elfin Master indicates that the elf has Mastered an advanced level of powers and s'elf development. This is not an indication that the Elfin Master has authority over others yet it is true that by virtue of the powers they have gained they have tremendous influence as personalities and a true charisma that tends to attract others to them. These individuals the Master helps to nurture and develop both individually and collectively to be effective and fully functioning toward their chosen goals, visions and purpose. Unlike the Magi, the Master does not set the tone of an age nor does the Elfin Master in all but the most unique cases tell the elfin attracted to them what their goals should be but rather the Elfin Master accepts whoever sincerely approaches them and does their best to help that being understand, clarify and achieve their personal visions.

The path of the Master
It is the dharma of the Master to help others achieve Mastery. By helping each and all to attain the fulfillment of their personalities and their souls the Master accrues a positive repository of karma that makes every venture they undertake successful. Thus they serve as an example of successful effort and endeavor for others who learn from the contact they have with the Master.

The Elfin Master does tend to draw people together and often organizes them toward common goals and experiences that will challenge them and heighten their abilities. Unlike the Magician, they do not bring elves together for the purpose of romance or financial gain rather the purpose of the Master is the advancement of the individual elf as a soul, a spirit and a conscious power. And yet the fact that those very things may result from one's experience with the Master is often the case.

Highly disciplined, the Elfin Master wastes nothing, finding use for everything and everyone. There is no one that the true Elfin Master encounters that does not appear to hir to be teeming with potential. Even those who seem utterly lost or so dense that others consider them useless, even irritating, the Master designs magic that weaves their mundane life with the grand scheme of their advanced realization. And for the individual in contact with the Master, to take part in the Master's plan is to both fulfill the plan and to fulfill their own s'elf.

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The Challenge: the question is?

Do you reallly believe you are developed to such a degree that you can meddle in the lives of others? Have you truly achieved that level of s'elf mastery? Are you without addictions and destructive habits? do you truly have what it takes to help others find their way? Try touching the tip of your pointed ear with your tongue.

Mastering ones'elf is truly the key to this path and yet attempting to be a Master for others is surely hopeless. It is a simple fact that there are certain individuals to whom others lend power... who for whatever reason are so respected that their opinions influence others without them really needing to attempt to do so. What is important, as the ancient elfin masters remind us is that this influence be "constant and good". This entails tremendous responsibility... are you certain you are ready to take it on?

The Magical Act: what to do.

Elves seldom tell people what to do... rather we tend to suggest possibilities of action and direction. The Elfin Master is the exception. When people come to the Elfin Master, confused and uncertain, the Elfin Master directs them. This they only do when asked and yet there is something about their nature that instills confidence in others who thus seek them out.

Help others find direction. Give them quests, missions, service which will help them find and discover their true nature, purpose and path.

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There are four paths that lead from here.

You have obtained the power to transform the world. You choose to do that ...

asteroids setting an example for others to follow.
The path to the Asteroids which is the path of the Sage
sun creating wonders of magic to inspire the masses.
The path to the Sun which is the path of the Mage
venus expanding the consciousness of individual aspirants.
The path to Venus which is the path of the Herbalist
mars involving yours'elf in social and political change.
The path to Mars which is the path of the Ranger











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